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Products useful for women's health

replacement of only 10 products in useful products for women's health, will help to prolong youthfulness and bloom for 10 years:

No: Yes
Milk chocolate: Dark chocolate

why: Dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa) - a concentrated sourceantioxidants beneficial for women's health, asthey protect cells against destruction of the age;Milk chocolate contains significantly less antioxidants.Also, the fat in the chocolate does not raise cholesterol.Studies show positive effects of dark chocolate on blood vessels two hours after its consumption or after a cup of cocoa.No

: White wine
Yes: Red wine

Why: Compared with white wine, red wine, as well as dark chocolate contains more antioxidants, in this case from the very useful grape skins.A small amount of alcohol inhibits platelet compound, which prevents blood clots.Moderation - key in this case;according to studies, one glass of wine a day - the optimal dose for women's health.No

: White bread
Yes: Whole grain bread

Why Always, the code you replace whit
e flour to a useful whole grains (bread, cereal, noodles) is a blow to aging.The soluble fiber present in oat and barley flakes, reduces insulin levels and increases cholesterol (think diabetics and cores), while the insoluble fiber in whole wheat grains, lowers the risk of gastrointestinal diseases such as diverticulosis.

No: Soda
Yes: Tea

Why: A cup of tea fills you with antioxidants, and a bottle of soda and sugar.Drink green, black, and, especially, white tea and cold and hot.They all contain useful nutrients and charge caffeine.

No: 1/4 sugar in baking recipes
Yes: The same amount of low-fat milk powder

Why: Reduce sugar in cakes, cookies and bread contributes to the taste buds become accustomed to less sweet in all your diet - a useful thing inanti-aging, asIn addition to weight gain and diabetes, a large intake of sugar can lead to glycosylation.The process in which the sugar molecules adhere to protein molecules, potentially destroying the cells, increasing inflammation and contributing to clogged arteries.

No: Diet soda
Yes Water

Why: There are no drink more useful than water.It contributes to the saturation of the body moisture, which is important for proper operation.Diet soda quenches thirst, many experts still believe that the non-natural sweeteners (officially considered safe), can be linked to cancer.

No 1 \ 4 you consume meat
Yes: Lentils

Why: Saturated fats (which contain large amounts of meat) can block the arteries and trigger heart disease.Short fiber content (meat it is not at all) can accelerate aging of the gastrointestinal tract.Beans and lentils are quite the opposite: a huge fiber content and no saturated fat.Furthermore, they provide a protein.

No: Plain yogurt
Yes: Low-fat yogurt

Why: Dairy products - a great source of calcium and vitamin D, which saves bones from thinning.Saturated fats found in whole milk, cheese and yogurt provoke the formation of blood clots.Switching to low-fat dairy products will only benefit without undue risk to health.

No 1 \ 4 you consume meat
Yes: Fish

Why fish - this is the perfect source of protein, low in saturated fat.Some varieties, such as salmon also are rich in omega-3 (fatty acids), it is vital for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain.Unfortunately, some species of fish contain contaminants.Try to eat wild fish, instead of one that is grown on the farm.Reduce your consumption of albacore (white) tuna to once a week.

No: pack of potato chips
Yes: Apple

Why: Apple does not contain fat, low calories, a lot of soluble fiber and antioxidants.What can offer potato chips?Pretty meager content of essential nutrients, but a lot of oil, calories and salt.

The best rule - it useful products are those that are packaged by nature, ie,apple against chips (plastic packaging) against banana candy (wrapping paper).Now, knowing the products are useful for women's health, you can enjoy a youth and bloom longer without extra cost.