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12 ways to not eat at night

1. deceive your stomach fluid.Try to drink a glass of tomato juice, tea green tea or a glass of mineral water with lemon.The liquid fill your empty stomach and blunt the feeling of hunger.

2. Take a hot bath.Bath relaxes, reduces appetite.Increases sweating, which helps you to remove excess fluid from the body.

3. If you feel unbearably want is, to make a small charge.Exercises distract your thoughts on food and a few extra calories will be burned.I do not practice hard, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep.

4. Reduce appetite, able to aromatherapy.Smell grapefruit smell perfume or a bottle of aromatic oil, light aromatic candles.Smells in time to help drown out the feeling of hunger.

5. After dinner, treat yourself to a light dessert, for example, a piece of dark chocolate, low-fat yogurt, fruit.This dessert will lift your mood and help you fight your appetite.

6. Do not add spices and herbs in the dish during the last reception of food, even once you've eaten, they aggravate feeling of hunger,
increase appetite.

7. Do not ever hold a prominent place high-calorie foods.It is better to put in a prominent place fruits and vegetables, do not be afraid and they bite.

8. Before going to sleep walk.Walk distract you from thinking about food.Fresh air can only increase the appetite.Time to choose to walk is to immediately go to sleep after a walk.

9. Chewing gum chew.Let it be fruit and without fear.The sweetness in the mouth and chewing reflex can trick your appetite.

10. brush your teeth.Must triggered reflex after brushing, we do not eat.

11. Imagine yourself slim and beautiful, attractive and charming.Such a woman does is load up at night?

12. If you have a "tight", with imagination see women's glossy magazine.Photo slender beauties certainly beat off your appetite.Some

save lesson needlework, they can be combined with television viewing: hands are busy, and then have an incentive to grab a candy or chips.Some

enough to eat astringent persimmon tart, astringent after a long taste of persimmon and no more desire to "continue the banquet."

All these methods will help you not to eat at night.

Tatyana Martynova , especially for

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