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Proper nutrition for hypertension

high blood pressure should be deleted in the first place from the diet products, leading to its increase.Here they are:
- caffeinated (cocoa, coffee, coffee drinks, strong tea, chocolate, cola);
- smoked, salted, spicy dishes and products, spices;
- fatty meat and fish varieties, solid fats, fish oils, ice cream;
- pastry with butter cream in the first place;
- liver, kidney, brain;
- alcoholic beverages.

It should be noted that recently natural 200 grams of dry red wine on the contrary recommended to use daily.If in doubt in this matter, consult with your doctor.

Table salt in hypertension is considered to be almost the number one enemy.Limit 3-5 grams per day, and during exacerbation and does exclude it from the diet.Salt-free diet is combined with acidic juices, herbs, gravy.Try to refrain from the use of products that have passed multiple processing.They tend to be a lot of sodium, which is harmful to the body hypertensive.

Reduce consumption of potatoes, beans, beans, peas.From baked goods give
preference to black bread, but no more than 200 grams a day.The basis of good nutrition Hypertension:
- lean meats: turkey, chicken (without fat), veal, young beef;
- Fish low-fat varieties (preferably boiled as meat);
- vorog and cheese with low fat;
- crumbly porridge: buckwheat, oats, millet.

Soups should be considered together with the total consumption on the day of fluid.It should not exceed 1.2 liters.Low-fat meat soups let present in the diet of no more than two meals a week.For the rest, it is vegetarian, fruit, milk, cereals soups.Vegetables - raw, boiled, in the form of salads, salads, dressed with vegetable oil.

sure to include foods rich in potassium (apricots, dried apricots, bananas, potatoes).Potassium is one of the most beneficial vitamins and minerals for hypertensive patients.Doctors recommend to use it from 3000 to 4000 mg per day.Calcium (800 mg daily) and magnesium (300 mg daily) are also very useful in hypertension.

Increasingly common hypertension, against the backdrop of growing overweight.In this case, special diet is of particular importance.When hypertension against the background of proper nutrition obesity is as follows: the proportion of fat - 20-30% carbohydrates (but not digestible) - 50-60%.

contraindicated in this case, low-calorie diet and starvation.Fats must still be present in the diet, but no more than 60g per day.Proteins must be contained in the food in an amount of 90-100 grams.At the same time give preference to lactic acid drinks, milk, egg whites, cheese, yeast drink, soy flour.Calories can be reduced by foods that contain vitamin K (butter, sour cream, cream).

Sea Products warn the early development of atherosclerosis.Very useful seaweed, crabs, shrimp, squid.

Limit intake of foods that cause bloating bowel: radish, radishes, onions, garlic, carbonated beverages.

Eat right, small meals 4-5 times a day.Develop a good habit to eat last 4 hours before bedtime.

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