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Proper nutrition for gastritis

undesirably large breaks between meals suhomyatku, eating on the go.But warm drink after a meal contribute to a speedy recovery.
It is important to eliminate or minimize smoking and alcohol consumption.

contraindications for gastritis.
If allergic gastritis, avoid contraindicated Food and Drug Administration.On the issue of receiving different drugs should consult a specialist.

If you have a corrosive gastritis, stay away from alkalis, acids, chloroform, arsenic, synthetic alcohols, high concentration of alcohol, aspirin and salicylic acid.

When any form of gastritis give up fatty meat and fish varieties, in all kinds of fat, heavily roasted and smoked meat and fish dishes, fried eggs.Avoid fresh bakery products, pasta large, horns, beans, peas.Forget for a moment about chocolate, sweets, cakes and pastries, spices and Tabasco, and even on hard and sharp cheeses.All these products should remain outside of your diet during treatment and after recovery to be present in moderate amounts.

Proper nutrition for gastritis.
The diet in this disease, regardless of the acidity should include foods that provide the stomach rest.Their use will contribute to the normalization of gastric juice.

What kind of dishes and products?The right choice - a snack of low-fat varieties of meat, sausage, cheese.Dietary sausages and sausage, cheese butter, low-fat fish and pre-soaked herring can also diversify your menu.

From baked goods to be present only white dried bread, crackers.

can treat yourself to skim whole, condensed, acidophilus milk.It is perfectly acceptable low-fat dairy products.

as fat are recommended for gastritis or melted butter and refined vegetable.

eat eggs only boiled and cooked in the form of fried eggs, be sure to steamed.

vegetables - an essential component in the diet of patients with gastritis.They can be simply cut to the table, cook or make them into a salad, season again, refined vegetable oil.Use fresh herbs in cooking.

Fruits preferable to use soft and sweet varieties.Eat them fresh is always helpful, but you can boil them or bake.Berries are recommended, likewise, only the sweet varieties.

What you can treat yourself to sweet?This suit jelly, jelly, compotes, mashed berries and custards.

considered most useful dairy soups, all kinds of vegetables, soups with pureed mushrooms and cereals.
very beneficial effect on the stomach of all kinds of cereal and pureed crushed cereals.

Recommended drinks during the treatment of gastritis - a cocoa with milk or cream, weak tea and coffee of medium strength, diluted milk.

role of vitamins in nutrition.
deficient in vitamins in the body in any case is a sad fact, but in the case of gastritis it can lead to complications of the disease.In some forms of the disease, doctors prescribe the additional use of various vitamins, multivitamins and fortified foods.