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Secrets of proper nutrition

certain material level, in addition to wanting to eat out, with a huge range of dishes and a variety of cuisines, can not afford to find something tasty and healthy.But what about those who can not afford to pay for professional cooks every day in addition to high-quality products?It is necessary because not only satisfy hunger, but also to saturate the body with nutrients and vitamins.

Recommendations made.

specialists have found that an adult is necessary for normal life of approximately 100-120 grams of protein, about 50 grams of vegetable fats and animal and 50 g of 400-500 grams of carbohydrates, total calories should be the 2000-2700 kcal.Naturally, this average rate of food rations each person depends on the individual energy consumption, lifestyle, health status and other factors.

Nutritionists say that much more useful to make up energy in small portions, rather than 1-2 times a day to eat plentifully.According to them, the secrets of proper nutrition consist primarily of 4-5 meals a
day, and the mode must be selected accordingly biorhythms of each individual.A fundamental principle of the distribution of power, should be as follows: Lunch should be the most energy-intensive and high-calorie, breakfast for these indicators should be in second place, and be the easiest dinner.

sensational discovery.
Foreign scientists have recently made a sensational discovery in the field of proper nutrition.They conducted experiments with rodents, in an attempt to find out how strong the value of the degree of limitation has cooking.These experiments clearly demonstrate that the composition of the power should go exclusively fresh food if we want our life to be long, and we are within her healthy and strong, you need to eat right.But the modern pace of life is so intense that only housewife on a daily basis can stand at the stove and pamper their home freshly prepared food, but what about those who are engaged in employment full-time and value their health?The alternative can serve fresh fruits and vegetables, with the diet, will provide the perfect figure.

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