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Eating habits: get rid of the harmful

This is a bad dietary habits.Unfortunately, almost all of us have a couple of these "neblagozhelateley."Remember the day: once again did not have time to have breakfast, then to dinner a few times a snack or just drink a cup of coffee, then completely forgot about lunch, they rushed home late and in a homelike atmosphere to relax with a hearty meal.How, after such a day did not start to complain of digestive problems, excess weight, general fatigue and depression?

health begins with proper nutrition - and everyone knows about it, as that is a "proper diet."Of course, not everyone is able to comply with the "rule of five fruits" or to eat five times a day, but do not relax and throw care about nutrition.Just try to get rid of bad eating habits.

«Without breakfast ..." - a bad habit 1.
skip breakfast extremely harmful.It is a morning person is charged with energy and nutrients for the day.Limited to a cup of coffee - it means depriving your body of necessary life of proteins and carbohydrates, which
"works" our brains.
But do not go to extremes, and turn breakfast into a feast.A balanced breakfast should consist of any dairy product (source of protein and calcium) and bread (carbohydrate source).Vegetables and fruits contain fiber, which improves digestion and creates a feeling of "fullness."Now in stores selling a lot of cereals and cereal, which contain all the necessary ingredients for breakfast, and cook them quickly and easily.

«Pozhuem something? .." - A bad habit 2.
seems the phrase "you can not break the diet" zatverzhena us with deep childhood.However, adhere to the rule of unity.If you can not ever eat at the same time, try to abandon the "unplanned" snacking.If you really wanted to, eat, drink a glass of water - this will blunt the feeling of hunger.But not in any way "zazhevyvayte" hunger chewing gum: it begins to stand out in the gastric juice, which will begin to eat away at the stomach wall, because the "real" food body is not received.

«overdone it on the table ..." - a bad habit 3.
If you are used to permanently dosalivat dishes at the table - you should start worrying.Harm does not bring the salt itself, and its large number.Kidney disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure - this is an incomplete list of diseases that occur due to the deposition of salts in the body.If you're used to, there is salty foods, try replacing salt seasonings and spices for cooking and use sea salt - it is useful.Do not forget that any preservatives contain salt, so it's best to eat fresh food.

«From Depression to help the ice cream ..." - a bad habit 4.
course, sweet raises the level of glucose, promotes the production of endorphins (happiness hormone), so the strong nervous shock is helpful to eat a tile of dark chocolate.But sweet jam problems - one of the most harmful food habits.Excess sugar causes obesity and diabetes, diseases of the joints and spine, pressure surges.Try to "rein in" a sweet tooth: if you have a bad mood - look hilarious film or chat with a friend, do not rush to the counter with a cake.Instead of cake, eat a few spoonfuls of honey or a handful of raisins.

«The habit - second nature."Unfortunately, to get rid of bad habits is not easy.The main thing - to start: try to give at least a few harmful eating habits and you'll notice how to improve your health.Take the first steps in the right direction, and the road to health does not seem like such a difficult.

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