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The healing properties of rosemary

No plant may not have been so well-known and popular in the Middle Ages as rosemary.The Romans dedicated it to the goddess Venus, they decorated his house.There are many beliefs that rosemary can make people cheerful and happy, improve sleep, mood and keep youth.In the courts of the French and Italian kings this shrub enjoyed special attention.Young branches of this plant are cut whole sheaves to the Queen so maid of honor takes rosemary bath, treated with a variety of ailments drugs rosemary.He grew up to two meters in height backyard gardeners in barrels.Flowering rosemary from February to May pale purple, with good care can bloom again in September.A pleasant, sweet aroma rosemary leaves, which contain a variety of essential oils and tars.Plant heat-loving, open field is growing in the South Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Crimea.At temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius its parts can freeze solid ground, and grow again in the spring.In northern areas it dug and stored in the winter in the cellars.Ros

emary is grown for therapeutic purposes, as well as spices or ornamental houseplant.

With the purpose of treatment used leaves and buds that are harvested during flowering.In medicine Rosemary is used as gastrointestinal, strengthens the nerves means, and as a stimulant to the weakness and exhaustion after a serious illness or due to excessive physical exertion.

Rosemary essential oil rub patients with sudorgi, paralysis, dyspepsia.It is used as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stimulant.

Bulgarian medicine recommends tincture of rosemary in epilepsy, in the menstrual cycle, to ease menopause in women.Alkaloids rosemary briefly raise blood pressure, increase heart rate.Things to consider when appointing infusion.They improve appetite, cleanse organs of the gastrointestinal tract and regulate their activities.

summer spicy greens, of course, consumed fresh.But in the winter, generally make the preform or drying them in the oven.The basic method is considered to be air drying.Immediately after collecting grass sorted out, remove yellowed, spoiled parts of the plant.The greens are tied into small bunches and hang to dry under a canopy, in the attic, or in a room hidden from the solar rays that kill the green herb.A prerequisite of drying is ventilation (artificial or natural).

Another way to spice harvesting is considered to be drying in the oven.Greens also sorted out, remove impurities and lay a thin layer on a baking sheet, which is placed in the oven for 2-3 hours at a temperature of 35-40 degrees.Obvyalennuyu greens finally dried at a temperature of 50 degrees and no more, because at high temperatures evaporate flavorings, vitamins are destroyed.Drying is carried out with the door open, taking breaks for 3-4 hours, poking greens.Properly dried spice is ground into a powder with a sieve, then packed in dry jars of dark glass (perfect) and close the lid tightly.Store spices in a shaded place.

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