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Benefits and harms of fruit

Scientists have long divided the substances contained in the fruits and vegetables on the beneficial and harmful.Bioflavonoids, or as they are called Bioflavon necessary for the normal operation of the human body, being a part of many of today's fruits.They strengthen the walls of blood vessels by increasing their elasticity, stabilize blood pressure, involved in metabolism.

Content bioflavons is, for example, in 50g carrots, 500 g cherry, black currant 1500 and 2000 in the wild rose.Despite the high levels of active and minerals, each plant has a limit given for use.So, people who have had a heart attack or stroke is not recommended to use rose hips.Red and black currants do not recommend eating large quantities of those who have varicose veins or heart disease.

Still other useful properties has Bioflavon - protection against free radicals.By themselves, these radicals are needed by the body, they fight with pathogenic microbes.However, their excess can lead to changes in the DNA.The best protection

for our body will bioflaviny contained in color and vibrant fruit.

Variety bioflafinov - catechine and coumarin.These elements are easily oxidized beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation, relieve headaches.

catechine of coumarin and are known for their anti-tumor activity, the ability to inhibit the metastatic cells.Last time in cancer therapy is very often prescribed consumption of fruit containing catechine.It gooseberries, seaweed, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, sea buckthorn, raspberries, pineapple, parsley, celery, thistle, thyme, thistle root parsnips, tomatoes, horseradish, and tea.

For those watching their figure and tends to lose weight, will be useful to the following information about fruit.

Perhaps the most dangerous is the grape diet.It contains a huge amount of sugar, which has a detrimental effect on tooth enamel.The peel of berries for a long time to digest, causing fermentation in the intestine and bloating.If you eat grapes with seeds, you know that they clog the intestines.

Apricots also impact positively on the process of losing weight.Fruit not recommend eating on an empty stomach.Digestion takes hard apricot to digest that can threaten indigestion.Apricot is better not to eat the meat and starchy foods.If you drink water, fruit can be expected soon purgation.Each has apricot bone, which is located inside the seed.Eating more of these seeds can cause serious poisoning, as contained in the poison.Headache, nausea, cramps can be avoided if you do not have these seeds.

Regular consumption of oranges in large quantities can lead to diseases of the stomach and intestines.Containing acid in the fruit breaks down tooth enamel, so after eating oranges Recommend rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.Fruits should have half an hour after eating, it is the case, they will be properly assimilated.High-calorie bananas

long digested in the intestine, forming gases and fermentation.The structure includes a lot of banana starch (like potatoes), so if you want to lose weight, this fruit is discarded.In addition, bananas increase the viscosity of the lymph that could trigger varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

Watermelons, in contrast, recommends eating most of nutritionists.But it should be done correctly.Choose a watermelon good quality, which grew in the field of environmentally friendly and without the use of pesticides.Sweet berry absorbs all the harmful substances from the air, water and soil.Watermelon poisoning can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach upset.Watermelon eating separately from other food.2 hours before or after a meal.Do not eat delicious slices with bread rolls, baked things, otherwise it will cause fermentation in the stomach.Watermelon is widely known for its diuretic properties, it is often recommended to use in food for people suffering from kidney disease.

Fruits have many useful properties.Regular consumption of small amounts of fruits positive effect on the whole organism.However, do not forget about the contraindications and limitations for use.

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