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Protein diet for weight loss

- transport proteins involved in the transport of other essential substances.One of the best known is the hemoglobin, which allows the transfer of carbon dioxide the oxygen in the body;

- catalytic proteins catalyst accelerates transform one substance to another;

- immune defense proteins provide antibodies that protect the body;

- receptor proteins are members of the different receptors of the body and is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses;

- motor proteins responsible for the movement properties of the organism;

- regulatory proteins;

- coagulation proteins - the most famous is the blood clots, fibrin.You can also select a separate class of proteins antisvertyvayuschey system - for example protrombit.

- plastic proteins provide the building blocks of the human body.For example collagen provides the necessary human skin elasticity and firmness of the body.

Thus, it can be concluded that the protein provides the body with almost all the necessary nutrients.Therefore protein diet

for weight loss is very effective.

protein diet is the most ideal way for those people who have a weak will power, and those who are not confident that he could withstand any diet.This diet is easy to hold, as the person does not feel hunger.The main condition for the protein diet is to provide the body the necessary amount of protein with a sharp reduction in the amount of fats and carbohydrates.When a protein diet should be excluded from the daily diet products such as a variety of sweets, pasta, rich products, wheat bread, spices and salt.But this diet is very pleased that the diet is present main products - the meat, fish and eggs.

There are many sorts of schemes effective compliance protein diet.Consider one of them.The first breakfast includes a cup of coffee without sugar and low fat content.To complement to the coffee you can eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.By lunch, you need to drink a couple of cups of green tea and eat some fruit with a little sugar.Lunch at a protein diet plan can be as follows: first, eat a light vegetable salad, then a little soup with a slice of black bread, and of course drink it all in green tea.At lunch and a light vegetable salad, some fruit and yogurt can drink low-fat.And for dinner, you can arrange a holiday: to eat hundred grams of beef and easy coleslaw with a slice of rye bread.

Since this diet provides the body with more energy, so you can safely engage in sports.If you prefer to use during dieting to maintain their physical form, you will not just increase your muscle mass, but also support the skin in the desired tone.

protein diet is effective for fourteen days and during this period the person loses four to eight kilograms.The advantage of this diet is that the metabolism keeps its speed and you easily will keep achieved effect.But this diet should be noted that the shortage of vitamins and minerals can be dry skin and brittle hair and may decrease efficiency.Protein diet is contraindicated in diseases of the digestive system and nephrotic disease and is not recommended for elderly people.

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