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Alleviate the condition in menopause helps proper nutrition

ease the condition in menopause helps proper nutrition.Proper nutrition during menopause affects not only the shape and appearance, but also on health and prevention of various appearing with age, diseases.

During menopause cease to be the synthesis of hormones.The building blocks of these hormones is cholesterol.Consequently, the actual choice of products containing fats.

And here it is important not to fall for the advertising ploy, because animal fats contain a large number of fatty acids.Fatty acids entering the body, enhance the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.

can help products that do not contain cholesterol.However, in their composition may be in saturated fats, which, in consequence, synthesized in the same body cholesterol.So it is very important to look part of what you eat.To aid does not become harmful.

Climax allows us to explore further issues of proper nutrition.So what is the rules we need to adhere to in order to feel good about themselves?Well, or at least alle

viate their condition?

Let us open up new and, at the same time, correct cooking methods - without oil and fat - in the oven for a couple or in a microwave oven.These foods are not only useful, but also saves from hypertension, atherosclerosis and gain excess weight.

is also necessary to limit consumption of fatty meat.Prefer a bird, but, just before cooking, remove from her skin.

in small numbers on your table may be present finished food products.But only as a delicacy.This sausage, frankfurters, sausages and bacon.Be wary of co-products.

Since yolks contain a lot of cholesterol - Reduce your intake of eggs to one a week.

you need calcium.Drink skim milk.Choosing cheese, prefer varieties richest in calcium and protein.

And here is what you can eat in unlimited quantities, so it's a fish and seafood.Enter them in the diet gradually.

Do not give up entirely on cereals, flour and pasta.They provide your body needs carbohydrates.Include food bran - they are a valuable product containing B vitamins They will also help to normalize bowel function and will prevent constipation, thus facilitating your general condition.Add bran in different specialties, for example, burgers, porridge or soup - the taste of dishes will not change, but it will be even tastier and healthier.Another source of unsaturated fat and protein, calcium and trace elements are nuts.It is a treat not only bring benefits but also lift your spirits.

during menopause may increase or the development of diseases.For example, hypertension is recommended that the supply of salt.But at the same time you can discover different seasonings and spices, and thereby to help and facilitate the work of the body.

Also needed proper nutrition, you should still follow the adequate intake of minerals and vitamins.A large number of them are in the green, orange-red berries, fruits and vegetables.

those who can not eat properly for reasons beyond their control it is necessary to take a multivitamin with trace elements.Caution Treat vitamin preparation which is composed of grass.After all, some, in certain circumstances, may be contraindicated in your state.

not forget about regular check-ups!During menopause there is a possibility of all sorts of diseases.Manage to organize your lifestyle and nutrition so that this period has been an active and full

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