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Everything about Thai cuisine

little about the history of Thailand.

Thailand is close to India and China, gathered especially Chinese and Indian specialties, while preserving its special character in cooking.As in most Asian countries, the foundation of Thai rice.In northern Thailand, the locals prefer thick and glutinous rice grains, in the south of use dlinozerny Fig.The high cost of meat limits its use in Thai cuisine, which is compensated by aromatic spices that give special flavor even meatless dishes.

In Thailand, almost all the dishes eaten with a knife, spoon and fork, and sometimes sticks.Of all the countries in South-East Asia, only the Vietnamese use chopsticks.The proximity of the sea allows Thais to produce large amounts of seafood.Fishing and oyster sauce recipe is included in almost every dish.

basic Thai seasonings: lemon grass, ginger, basil, pepper, garlic, coconut milk, shallots, saffron, cumin.Most of the dishes spicy, served hot.

little history of Thai cuisine.

Modern recipes Thai dishes have undergone

a slight change, influenced by the West, the advent of modern utensils and appliances.But the basics of cooking remain the same as many years ago.

The Thai cuisine is often used grill.Dishes cooked with wood, obtained fragrant, tasty and not harmful to health.Cooked meat and seafood dipped in sweet and sour sauce, or a variety of spices.It is believed that the so delicious.

Thais are widely used salad, seasoning it with low-fat sauce.In this salad, you can add pieces of meat, shrimp or other seafood.You can create your meal with special ingredients, mixed in any proportion.

in Thailand are always cooked rice and soups.This is considered a traditional dish.Soups are usually boiled in coconut milk, add a lot of spices.

Thais love to eat.At any time of day or night, they say hello, and then asked: "Have you already eaten?".Thai housewives are not afraid to experiment with new ingredients to come up with new recipes.

features Thai cuisine.

Many herbs used in Thai cuisine, have medicinal properties.With their help, you can help the digestive tract to cure a cold or fever.In addition, condiments and spices give the dish a special unique taste.What makes Thai cuisine so special?

Influence climate allows you to collect up to 3 harvests per year, Buddhism does not prescribe any restrictions on food, Thai cuisine made special.It reigns "the art of the five flavors": sour, salty, bitter, pungent and sweet.

Lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk, turmeric, fish and oyster sauce give the dish a sour, sweet and spicy taste at the same time.Very common cooking chicken combined with peanuts and other nuts.

specific Thai herbs are very different from Russian and European.They have a more pronounced flavor, emphasizing the taste of each dish.The emergence of the new dishes on the table is a new Thai restaurant salivation, despite the fact that the already decently eaten.

for cooking, Thais choose only the freshest produce, meats having a tender texture and a pleasant taste.When frying do not use complex sauces, starches, dairy products and curry, in contrast to the Indian and Chinese cuisine.Thais only borrowed from the Asian nations to use many spices, but left their base.

All Thai dishes flavored sauces, the taste of which can be both sharp and sweet.However, when preparing follow strict proportion and balance.This allows us not to go too tasteful and match can not be combined at first glance products.

to penetrate Thai cuisine, you need to look like to eat Thai, and follow their example.In the West, all eaten with potatoes and bread, in Thailand - with rice.Thai traditional restaurants serving on a large plate, which is then passed around.So, everyone has the opportunity to try all the dishes ordered.At the same time, each is its own dish, filled with rice with which and try delicacies.

traditional Thai dinner includes a main dish, soups, hot and cold snacks.Finish the evening meal can be rice cakes, cooked with coconut milk, fruit and cream.During the dinner, the Thai drink water or iced tea.

Each dish in Thai cuisine have to be decorated.For this figured cut fruit, green onion leaves and coriander.Vegetables served neatly and beautifully cut.The decoration of Thai dishes - a mandatory attribute.

unusual and interesting Thai food keeps secrets and features, which I'll tell you next time.

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