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Lobster or lobster

lobster can reach a length of fifty centimeters and weigh almost four kilograms.In the history of recorded case of catching lobster length of 70 centimeters and weights of 11 kg!However, the average value of the delicacy of 20-30 centimeters and weighs about 800 grams.

Lobsters, lobsters, they also inhabit the rocky bottom of the North Sea and the Mediterranean at a depth of almost 20 meters.They feed on mollusks, crustaceans sometimes carrion.The carapace of marine crabs sturdy and protects the owner from enemy attacks.When the lobster is changing its shell, it is vulnerable.It will take at least a month until his new house will get stronger and become hard enough.

main catch lobster accounts for Norway.Industrial scale lobster threatens their existence.Not a small role played by the pollution of the oceans.Crustaceans finicky medium existence.The dirty water, they just die.The limit: You can catch a fish longer than 25 centimeters at certain times.These conditions significantly increased the cost of

seafood delicacies.

Lobsters are trying to breed on farms.However, due to the slow growth of individuals, should take about 30 years, so he entered a period of maturity and readiness to reproduce.

lobster meat is a real seafood delicacies.It contains twice fewer calories than chicken.Lobster cooked wonderful meals.For example, a traditional Peruvian dish - ceviche.It is a cold seafood appetizer, marinated in lime juice.

to cook Caribbean soup, lobster meat is cooked in chicken broth, add pepper and Worcestershire sauce.From these ingredients obtained specific soup.

love pasta in Italy.But there cooked lobster.Fetuchchini (a type of pasta) made from seafood and smoked sausage.This unusual combination of all amazes imagination of the one who is trying for the first time.In Jamaica, soups lobster, mussels and other seafood delicacies.

in France are very popular donuts with seafood.In the north of France from the inimitable lobster boil soup.In Japan, the lobster sushi.Or prepared separately in a special pan wok with ginger and spices.Spain is famous for its paella with lobster, lobster in Italy added to Lazne.

Omar, aka lobster, part of the national cuisine of many countries.However, it can simply boil by submitting a shell.

Before the meat taste of sea delicacies, you need some effort to open the shell.According to the rules the first thing cut off the claws, then opened the shell, take out the meat, pour the juice of a lemon or lime.

restaurants for lobster served white wine, which is an excellent way emphasizes the taste of sea delicacies.

If you decide to buy fresh lobster, use our advice.Lobster should be alive if it pull, it will start to move.Color seafood delicacies can be blue-green or mottled.The carapace should be hard.This suggests the presence of meat inside.

Cooked lobsters delicious smell and have a characteristic red hue.The tail should be tightly curled.If it is a straight line, then boiled lobster, when he was already dead.

Cooking lobster at home easy.Suffice it to pour the water into a saucepan, bring to a boil, add salt and lower the head first, then the whole body into the water.Boiled lobsters 15-20 minutes.

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