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In what foods contain these same fatty acids?
They are formed during the digestion of fats, such as lard.Fats cleaved lipase enzyme which is found in saliva, in the gut and in the bloodstream.But most of all lipase secreted by the pancreas into the lumen of duodenum 12.It ideally under its influence, and should be split fats into fatty acids and glycerol.The first are the blood and muscles are a major food, including cardiac muscle.Second enters the lymph.If lipase is not enough, the body will experience a shortage of these critical components.

Therefore, eating fatty foods of animal origin, and without them, as you know, do not be, you need to add the mustard or garlic that just stimulate pancreatic lipase.What to avoid diseases such as angina.The regular consumption of these foods, the better the effect, at the same time increases the immunity of the whole organism.Diseases of the cardiovascular system are very dangerous, so do not neglect the elementary methods of prevention.

What are the rates of consumption of animal fats?
They widely known, it is - 50-70 grams per day, plus 5-7 g should make mustard or garlic.
What is your attitude to vegetable oils?These oils are digested worse than their norm - 1 st -2.tablespoons per day, subject to the simultaneous consumption of vinegar.For example, you refuel, salad oil and add to a little natural vinegar (4-6%) - apple or grape.

Further, in case of problems with the heart you need to take zheltushnik gray powder "pinch" 3 times a day, 1.5 hours after a meal, dissolving it under his tongue, along with the same amount of salt.Course -2-3 weeks.This will contribute to the normalization and over- or under-weight.

What is important for self-improvement?
first - it is the stomach, the second - the spine, which depends on the state of regulation of the internal organs.In addition, it is necessary to wipe the back of the spinal column in acetic tincture of rosemary:
take approximately 100 g rosemary leaves, pour 300 ml of vinegar (9%), to insist 2 days.What does it mean malnutrition, demonstrates cataracts.A cataract occurs in the body when the amino acid methionine deficiency.It is necessary to make up for the lack by eating jellied meat made from pig cartilage, then the disease will simply not develop.
purified vessels, the prevention of atherosclerosis will facilitate the reception of kvass of conifers.
prepare it easily.Stuff 3-liter jar loose sprouts tree or pine, cover with water, add 1 tsp. Of sour cream and 1 cup sugar.Insist two weeks, tying the neck of banks gauze in 3 layers.Power lymphatic system requires the inclusion in the diet of seaweed.Regularly eat it in 2-3 tbsp.spoon once ate th food.
for restorative effect should be carried out solyanouksusnye bath procedures:
warm body in the bath with water temperature of 38-40 degrees for 10 minutes, get out of the water and wiping it with acetic tincture of rosemary, sprinkle with non-iodized table salt.Wrapped in a sheet and lie down, resting for 40 minutes -1 hour until will be a process of sweating.These procedures should be done on a regular basis 1 to 2 times a week.

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