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How to understand a trace element is missing the body?

If you want to eat chocolate, it means your body needs magnesium.This substance may be obtained from fresh nuts and seeds.But certainly fresh, not fried.Rich in magnesium and beans.Fruits also help in this situation.

But if you want sweet, it can be a signal of a lack of a number of trace elements: chromium, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, and tryptophan.

• If you eat broccoli, cheese, chicken, veal liver, dried beans and grapes, you are self-sufficient in chromium.
• compensate for the lack of carbon will help you use fresh fruit.
• Phosphorus rich poultry, beef, fish, liver.You can compensate for the lack of trace elements using dairy products, eggs, beans, nuts and grains.
• Sulphur in large quantities contained in cranberries, horseradish, and mustard seeds, and all cruciferous vegetables.This family includes: cabbage and cauliflower, asparagus, cauliflower, winter cress, horseradish, watercress
• To ensure that your body tryptophan eat spinach, sweet potatoes, cheese, liver, lamb and raisins.

If you want unbearably bread or toast, it means your body needs nitrogen.Its reserves can be replenished with food rich in proteins: meat, fish, beans, nuts.

zhirnenkogo desire to eat or snack, abundant oil, shows that you do not have enough calcium.This trace mineral rich green turnip, mustard, cabbage, broccoli, cheese, sesame and beans.

Even the irrepressible desire to drink tea or drink another cup of coffee should lead you to think that your body needs for phosphorus, sulfur, salt (NaCl), and glands.How to fill in the body lack of sulfur, phosphorus and iron, you know.But to ensure the body's salt (NaCl) Include in your diet sea salt and apple cider vinegar, which is a perfect dressing for salads.

This is only part of symptoms for understanding, not enough of the trace element to the body.In order to find out more, read the article "Trace elements and vitamins products»

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