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Most Valuable tea

It tannins that give tea tart-bitter taste, caffeine, which tones the body, and essential oils that give tea a memorable flavor.Catechins (tannin) contain vitamin E, which helps to strengthen the blood vessels.
number of calories in tea is zero, but the vitamins and minerals in it enough.Among them, calcium, folic acid, vitamin B6.In the east, people are convinced that tea helps to strengthen blood vessels and helps with the stretched ligaments or joint pain.
tea - a storehouse of fluoride, which significantly strengthens the tooth enamel.Therefore, tea is considered a reliable defender of caries.Only we must remember that green tea phosphorus greater than in black.Besides phosphorus, tea contains tannin and which protects the tooth enamel from acid that we consume food.Often argue that from tea may turn yellow teeth.Often, this happens when the consumption of tea in bags and teeth yellow dye from the bags.
One cup of tea contains 40mg of caffeine, which is the norm for the reception at one time.Caffeine
, a permissible doses vasodilatation brain while enhancing blood supply of tissues with oxygen and improving blood circulation.In addition, it improves the heart muscle contraction.That's why people who drink a day to five cups of tea, less likely to suffer heart failure.In addition, the tea drinkers less likely to smoke and more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle.
latest research in the field of oncology stipulate that the tea to some extent reduces the risk of cancer of the breast, lung and colon.In some peoples infusion of tea is used for external application for skin cancer prevention.
tea - the perfect tonic.The use of this drink relieves drowsiness, fatigue and improves overall physical host.It's all thanks to the presence of caffeine.But at the same time, the beverage and act as a relaxing agent.Taking tea, you need to remember that caffeine affects the nervous system.That is why it is not recommended to drink strong tea before going to bed, or if a person is suffering hypertension.
Tea is rightly called "the cure for all human disease."Besides the above compounds, the beverage contains special substances which prevent thrombosis, diluting the blood.It also significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
Black tea significantly slows down the aging process.Aromaveschestva that are part of the tea destroys bacteria.A herbal tea with chamomile and peppermint helps with insomnia and indigestion.
To become a tea house physician, providing a beneficial effect on the body, you must find your brand.For this there is one single recommendation: tea should be high grade and a good brand.Once a person finds his favorite brand, it will not be able to consume more, including substitutes.Certain types of tea may be appropriate for certain dishes, some to drink in the morning or in the evening.
Find your variety, people wearing your favorite, and therefore useful for the tea.

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