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Is it harmful to energy drinks?

Advertising in the media, on billboards encourages drinking energy drinks.This is a "stylish", "cool", it improves health, stimulates the vitality and everything in your life will be perfect.Getting on the advertising ploy modern young people use energy everywhere.In meetings with friends in a cafe or a club, and that the most harmful, in gyms and sports fields.

story of energy drinks

Since time immemorial, people have used stimulants.For example, in the Middle East to have the strength and the energy drink coffee in China and Asia - tea in Africa - cola nuts.In Siberia and the Far East were popular lemongrass, ginseng, Aralia.

Energy drinks appeared in the late XX century.The entrepreneur from Australia after a trip to Asia decided to establish manufacturing engineers.The first energy drink on an industrial scale was the Red Bull.Energetic fairly quickly won the love of the consumer along with Coca-Cola and Pepsi.In turn, the producers of the latter to quickly find and have released their energy

- Burn and Adrenaline Rush.

opinions of scientists about the benefits and dangers of energy drinks differ.Some believe that it is harmless drinks like soda simple.Others are convinced that energy throughout the body are harmful to a person who regularly uses them.

In Europe, particularly in Denmark, Norway and France the sale of Power is allowed only in pharmacies.In Russia, there is a limit for the implementation of energy drinks: banned from sale in schools, on the labels must be prescribed limitations and side effects.

were precedents litigation with manufacturers of energy drinks.For example, in Ireland, he died on athlete training after three cans of Power.In Sweden, a disco died a few teenagers.They mixed energy drinks and alcohol.

energy drinks.

The structure of power engineering are sucrose and glucose, which is a key nutrient for the body.When food intake into the body, glucose is produced by cleaving the starch and disaccharide.Also included in the enregetikov caffeine (strong psychostimulant).Caffeine is to reduce drowsiness, eliminating fatigue, stimulating mental abilities.

sharp adrenaline, increased mental activity, after a short time leads to a decrease in strength.After drinking an energy drink is necessary to give the body time to recover and bring caffeine.An overdose of caffeine leads to nervousness, irritability, lack of sleep and appetite.With long-term regular use of caffeine appear cramps, stomach pain, deterioration of the nervous system.A lethal dose for an average person can become only 10-15 It was 100 - 150 cups of coffee per day.

in energy drinks also includes theobromine and taurine.The first - a weak stimulant, is part of the even chocolate.The second stimulates the nervous system, is involved in metabolism.

L-carnitine, glucuronolactone also added to energy.These elements are part of the conventional products.Every day of the food we obtain a sufficient number of these substances.The concentration of energy drinks L-carnitine and glucuronolactone many times greater than the daily norm.

Vitamins B and D are needed for normal body function.They do not have special properties of stimulation of inner strength.

Natural stimulants guarana and ginseng are useful in small doses.Their regular consumption in excess of the normal rate leads to an increase in blood pressure, insomnia and paranoia development.

All of these elements are part of the energy drinks in different proportions.Plus added preservatives, dyes, fragrances, and other chemical constituents.This "cocktail" is contained in each jar energy.It is worth considering that a glass of ginseng you cause less damage to the body.

widely popular in the Russian market Red Bull in its effect is very close to one side of the coffee with sugar.The structure includes Burna large amounts of caffeine, theobromine, and guarana.Safer considered Adrenaline Rush.The stimulating effect is due to ginseng, a member of the energy.

From all this information, it becomes clear that energy drinks do not bring any good to the body.Long-term use can lead to addiction and disturbance of the nervous system, the emergence of insomnia.The substances included in the power industry are contained in coffee, tea.Perhaps the use of natural infusions of ginseng, guarana, at the same stimulating effect will have less negative effects.

If you sometimes consume energy drinks, do it wisely.Do not buy a larger capacity of 0.5 liters.Do not drink more than one bank day.Do not mix power with coffee, tea, alcohol.Remember that such drinks is completely contraindicated for pregnant women.Advertising companies producers affect customer demand.However, the choice is always yours.

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