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What are the benefits of corn

history of corn.

as a cultivated plant, the corn began to cultivate about 12 thousand years ago in Mexico.Corn cobs were ancient 12 times less today.The length of the fetus does not exceed 4 cm.Many Indian tribes ate corn, long before the United States on the continent of America.On the walls of Indian temples were found images of corn.Some tribes offer sacrifices to God Sun bread made of corn flour to get a good harvest.

widely known among European corn gained thanks to Christopher Columbus.In the XV century corn came to Europe, Russia acquaintance with useful cereal was in the XVII century.They grow it in warm areas - Crimea, the Caucasus, southern Ukraine.

Initially, corn was grown as an ornamental plant, but later, Europeans appreciate the taste of corn and its beneficial properties.

In Mexico today grown corn of different colors: yellow, white, red, black and even blue.The culture was planted together with pumpkin, so did even the Indians.Pumpkin retains moisture in the soil, prevents weeds f

rom growing, thus increasing the yield of maize.

Mexicans like their ancestors consumed a huge amount of corn.Thus, the average resident of Mexico in the year eats almost 100 kg of vegetable.For comparison, in our country, this figure barely reaches 10 kg.

benefits of corn.

the cob of corn contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals.In its structure there are polyunsaturated fatty acids that help fight against cancer.Regular consumption of corn helps lower cholesterol, improve the digestive tract.

Energy value per 100 g of corn is only 97 calories.It contains starch, protein, sugar, fat, ascorbic acid, vitamins and mineral salts.

In corn contains useful vitamin K, necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.In areas where people consume a sufficient amount of vegetables per year, below the percentage of diseases related to the disruption of the heart.

Vitamin E has a positive effect on the skin, hair, slows the aging process, it is also found in corn.Vitamin B, which is part of the Mexican vegetable, helps to cope with insomnia, depression, has beneficial effects on the nervous system.

known to all Vitamin C enhances immunity.Vitamin D maintains healthy teeth and bones - strong.Iron is necessary for us to "good" blood and pleasant pink person.Potassium and magnesium are involved in metabolism.

Corn oil helps reduce appetite, does not contain cholesterol.Ideal when dieting.Corn is able to reduce the negative effects in the body after eating fatty foods and alcohol.

In folk medicine, corn takes pride of place.It is recommended for the prevention of hepatitis and cholecystitis, as it has beneficial effects on the liver and gallbladder.

However, the main value are fiber, which is wrapped in an ear.They have immunostimulatory and choleretic properties, and normalize the metabolism, calm the nervous system.Masks from corn kernels to moisturize the skin, whiten it.

Corn is grown on all continents.Corn cobs are used not only in the food.Of them produce plaster, plastic, fuel alcohol paste.Corn is the main ingredient, which is part of most animal feed.

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