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Dried fruits - a mixture of vitamins

Sweet because they are fructose and glucose.So, despite the high calorie, no danger figure.In addition, all contain a variety of dried fruits useful substances, and in some times more than fresh fruit!
rich in provitamin A and potassium, so - are useful in diseases of the heart and kidneys.It is an excellent tool for increasing hemoglobin in the blood: just five apricots - daily rate of iron and calcium.Vitamin B5 is present in dried apricots, helps burn fat and improves the immune system, which is important during colds.

Good prunes
rich dietary fiber, vitamins A, group B, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine.So the conventional wisdom that the dried fruit can only normalize the bowels, is not quite true.This is a great energizer and an excellent tool for strengthening blood vessels.Recently, scientists have found, and that it is the content of antioxidants ahead to recognize the "champion" in the category - blueberries, and therefore, residents should be treated with great respect to prunes!

From raisins sultanas to
Close grapes, dried seeds, called raisins and small, without seeds - a raisin or currant.And raisins or sultanas from black grapes is considered to be more useful than white.Due to the high potassium content of his revered cardiologists.They are the second and neurologists: significant magnesium content makes raisins indispensable in dealing with stress.Prescribed it, and older people to prevent osteoporosis: raisins - the leader the content of boron.

These are the dates
These dried fruits have all the vitamins except for vitamin E and biotin, but especially a lot of vitamin B5, increases our vitality.Dates - an excellent antipyretic, they contain a substance similar to aspirin, and even make up for the loss of calcium in the body and its contents at the proper level.

When selecting dried fruits should pay attention to their color .For example, dried apricots, for example, during drying dark, but for the sake of presentation it is often treated with chemicals.So better to choose dark dried apricots, albeit somewhat nondescript in appearance.Also, do not be seduced and glossy fruits prunes: too "brilliant" form indicates that the dried fruit treated with glycerol.Some fruits may fall even insects, but it is a "seal of quality", indicating that the chemicals are definitely not.

Dried - very useful for the female body.The action of natural substances and glucose dried fruit also has a positive effect on bowel function and other important organs.In order to remain always healthy, eat dried fruits at least several times a week.It will serve not only to normalize and stabilize your internal organs: kidneys, liver, heart, digestive tract, but also improve your appearance.For dried fruit - it's not fruit, to which is added sugar in dried fruit contains a natural and very useful glucose and fructose, which helps normalize your health and beauty.Eat plenty of useful, and soon you'll see that began to feel much better.Eat only natural dried fruits: watch your daily diet and eat more greens and other useful vegetables and fruits that soon you will feel the difference between junk food and healthy and nutritious meals.

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