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Functional food: products, their properties and composition

Products that include nutrition kfunktsionalnomu

Podobnyeprodukty should have long-term storage, legkoprigotavlivatsya and well absorbed by the body.However, the most vazhnoesvoystvo products, attributable to a functional food - a vozmozhnostuluchshat health of the organism.For these products, usually referred only chtov its composition contain certain ingredients that somehow healthy.

Estryad prerequisites, without which the product can not be attributed kfunktsionalnym.First of all, all of its components must have estestvennoeproiskhozhdenie.All such products should be an integral chastyupovsednevnogo diet.And finally - each of them must have one or inoevozdeystvie on the body, for example, improves gastrointestinal tract, improves the immune system, etc.

Produktyfunktsionalnogo power can not be attributed to the Badam or drugs, they representations as conventional food form and are never in the form of tablets, pills and t.p.Odnoy of the distinguishing features of these products can be ca

lled that ihmozhno used without a doctor's prescription.Also important is the fact that they can be ispolzovatprodolzhitelnoe time, since they have no side effects and harm nenanosyat body.To preventive or therapeutic effect on them byldostignut, they want to eat regularly.

Funktsionalnyeprodukty must be of natural origin, does not contain vrednyhdobavok and chemical impurities.Each of them must possess bolshoybiologicheskoy activity.

Kazhdyyprodukt related to functional foods, must necessarily poryadkeproyti endurance tests in the clinical setting and have meditsinskuyupodtverzhdennuyu documentation.

story of functional food

Funktsionalnyeprodukty first appeared in Japan.In 1955, the Japanese had created pervyykislomolochny fermented product, developed on the basis laktobatsill.Mediki Japan had already realized that a healthy body is not possible bezpodderzhaniya intestinal microflora is normal.After 29 years in Japan it was zapuschengosudarstvenny project according to which the creation was initiated sistemyfunktsionalnogo power.In 1989, this scientific direction poluchilopriznanie officially began in scientific literature used the term "functional food".Two years later, the system functional pitaniyaoformilas at the state level.Around the same time poyavilaskontseptsiya products that may consume to maintain svoegozdorovya.

functional products in the world

Nada time, the industry is expanding the products and is gaining popularity.Day-world, people are moving to the functional food is no exception iRossiya.Our manufacturers are trying to keep up with foreign, postoyannopovyshaya share produced functional food.ProizvoditeliEvropy, Japan and the United States have advanced considerably further.

Nada moment Japan is the only country in which even bylprinyat law on functional foods.For example, there prodazhemozhno meet soups that hinder the development narusheniykrovosnabzheniya chocolate, which helps with the prevention of myocardial infarction idazhe beer against cell abnormalities.

Pochtitakoe the widespread functional food vSShA got there the company rolled out in their advertising in the media.But the territory Germaniipodobnaya advertising products with curative effect, is prohibited.

Vmire today can count more than three hundred thousand kinds of products.VYaponii similar products already amount to 50%, and in Europe and America of the order of 25% of the total fraction of foods.According to forecasts amerikanskihspetsialistov Japanese and soon enough some functional foods can zamenitotdelnye drugs on the market.

Can the origin of such products klekarstvam ?

course, that a lot of substances that are part of the product funktsionalnogopitaniya, can bring significant benefits to the human body.But dannyeprodukty - not a panacea.Read their medicines can not.It is therefore prilechenii certain diseases, they can be used in addition to the drug procedures, but in no case instead.Besides proizvoditelitakih substances should take into account the relationship of different substances.Some poleznyeveschestva can show their curative properties only in combination with other, less assimilating our body in isolation.

Types and composition of functional foods

products that are functional foods in its composition contains bolshiedozy active biological components.They may include razlichnyemikroelementy, vitamins, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, probiotics, molochnokislyebakterii, amino acids, dietary fibers, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, peptides, glycosides, etc.

Chaschevsego functional foods on the market in the form of soups, cereals, kokteyleyi drinks, bakery products and sports nutrition.

Spetsialistyrekomenduyut to functional food products amounted to at least 30% of the human diet.

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