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Egg yolk: structure, benefits and contraindications

What is the composition of the egg yolk

chicken yolk egg sostavlyaetot volume of all thirty-three percent on average.The yolk kaloriynayatsennost significantly higher than in the protein, about 60 kcal.Take dlyanaglyadnosti medium sized chicken egg.Here is its composition vyglyadetsleduyuschim way: cholesterol - 210 g, protein - 2,7 g, fat - 4,51 g, carbohydrates - A weight of 4.51 srednegokurinogo eggs around fifty grams.In the yolk contains zhirynasyschennye, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.There is also prisutstvuetbolshoe oleic acid, about forty-seven percent.

What is the use of egg yolk

in the egg yolk soderzhitsyadostatochno many different vitamins, fairly important one - vitamin Vitamin V12.Danny brings vitality and energy, resulting in chelovekstanovitsya fitter and more mobile.It also added to the diet of children, of whom the loss of appetite.The yolk is formed carotene, vitamin A, mozhnonablyudat that, starting from the yellow color of the yolk.This vitamin okazyvaetblagotvo

rnoe effect on vision, and can also prevent the aging process irazvitie cancer cells.Smaller amounts in egg yolk prisutstvuyuttakie vitamins like B1, B2, E, D, PP, sozdayuschiepolozhitelnoe effect on the human organism as a whole.Yolk in silusoderzhaniya of a large number of vitamins, very useful for detskogopitaniya.

drugihkomponentov addition, present in the egg yolk content of phosphorus, which svoyuochered keeps teeth and gums in good condition, and phosphorus, including who is directly involved in almost all fiziologicheskihprotsessah that occur in the body.Also it should be noted in the yolk iprisutstvie Silenus, which performs the function of antioxidants.Podobnyeveschestva able to protect the human body from the external environment vozdeystviyaokruzhayuschey: radiation, exhaust, tobacco smoke and other vrednyhekologicheskih shortcomings.Choline - a substance that supports rabotuserdechno circulatory system.Choline is also a beneficial effect on nervnoysisteme nourishing nerve cells.A larger amount of the vitamin mozhnonablyudat in raw egg yolk.

rejuvenation organizmaprinimaet important part melatonin, it can also build new cells, which means that it is very beneficial to the hair and contributes to the improvement of kozhe.Lyutein.

Contraindications regarding chicken yaichnogozheltka

Most stranuchenye examined eggs, especially white and yolk separately.Otnositelnozheltka found that cholesterol in it ranges from 215 up to 275milligrammov.There were also parallel and compared to products pitaniyaiz fast food.Thus, it became clear that roll and chop or gamburgersoderzhat a one hundred and fifty milligrams of cholesterol.Consequently, esliu people present risk of heart disease, you want to eat the yolk with neobyknovennoyostorozhnostyu since the day it is recommended to consume foods soderzhaschiene more than two hundred milligrams of cholesterol.At risk also include Ithaca diseases that are provoked and aggravated by high cholesterol vkrovi.Without any restrictions eggs should be consumed lishpolnostyu healthy people - most scientists say so.Regarding lyudeypreklonnogo age and children, they can be used during the no more than two trehyaits as possible is boiled.

Today provodyatsyapodobnye study by American scientists, who claim that zheltokkurinogo eggs unjustly accused of provoking the raising cholesterol vorganizme.Indeed, they have found that a component such as lecithin, cholesterol prepyatstvuetpovysheniyu.And in the yolk contains lecithin enough.Were takzheprovedeny experimental research among the two groups of people kotoryeotnosilis at risk of heart disease.One group dvuhnedelnyyperiod did not use chicken eggs at all, and the second is used in day popyatnadtsat yolks.And at the end of two weeks, the subjects took the tests and vitoge found that among a group who consumed eggs, consisting of 13 people, cholesterol rose in only two, and two - decreased, while ostavshihsyapredstaviteley this group remained unchanged.Thus mozhnosdelat conclude that cholesterol does not depend on the quantitative urovnyapotrebleniya yolk.

mnenieo There is also the fact that cholesterol does not bear harm in itself, it only replaces nedostatokkaltsiya.After all, our body is intelligent and he replaces it lacks veschestvadrugimi.If a person in the body there is a lack of calcium, stenkikrovenosnyh vessels are depleted, thus becoming fragile and vulnerable.And Vetot moment cholesterol comes in, "gluing" problem mesta.Sosudy can begin to narrow - but it is only an indicator that organizmeest some deviations, but cholesterol is totally prichem.Chelovechesky body - it is a clever system that can ksamovosstanovleniyu fightinguntil the last.But people often refer to nemuabsolyutno ugly.And excess cholesterol in your blood does neiz of excessive consumption of fatty foods or chicken egg yolk.It mozhetproizoyti because malnutrition is not balanced.

likely blizhaysheevremya in relation to the eggs change and they will be included in the regular diet.We will use them more often than they are now, as recommended by nutritionists.Well adlya healthy people of similar ogranicheniyi does not exist.