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What do you know about tea: the types and varieties of tea

Black tea is one of those sheets that have passed all etapyobrabotki (withering, rolling, fermenting, drying and sorting).Zelenyechai are only drying and curling.In between are red and zheltyychai.They are composed of sheets which passed withering, partial fermentation, twisting and drying.Oolong tea is closer to black, and yellow - to the green.Pomimoetih kinds of tea, there are other.For instance, fruit, herbal, bystrorastvorimyechai and tea extracts.

For white tea harvested only the young sheets, kotoryeesche did not have time to open.For elite varieties use only one verhushechnyelistki.The processing of white tea slightly different than that of other short-term pass vidov.Listki tea extract for a couple, and then immediately sushatsya.Blagodarya that when brewed leaf color does not change, and the taste ostaetsyabolee saturated.Brew this tea should be not too hot water (up to 70gradusov), otherwise you will lose the exquisite flavor of the essential oils contained vnem.

Green tea is known for

its healing prirodnymibiologicheskimi active substances, which are released during vremyazavarivaniya.Therefore, in compliance with the processing of all the measures to sohraniteti nutrients.After collecting leaves little podvyalivayut on svezhemvozduhe.Once they are soft, they are a bit dried raskalennomvozduhe.This protects them from oxidation.After drying is carried protsessskruchivaniya.

Red tea is made mostly of mature leaves, which are collected from the adults of tea bushes.Immediately after assembly listyatonkim layer spread on the ground to direct sunlight (for uvyalivaniya).Vsrednem it takes between 30 to 60 minutes.Then, slightly dried leaves skladyvayutsyav baskets of bamboo and cleaned in the shade.There they gently knead until then, until the leaves acquire a reddish tinge.When this happens, listyaprohodyat short-term drying, and then twisting and finally okonchatelnoedosushivanie.

Black tea is held longest tsepochkuv technological process of its manufacture.He undergoes a full fermentation blagodaryachemu and a distinctive black color when brewed.Immediately after sboralistev their spread in a thin layer to dry (drying process dlitsyado 18 hours).Then they are carefully rolled.After curling leaves pomeschayutv cool and damp dark room, where fermentation takes place.Vrezultate oxidation leaves darken.They are then dried under high temperature.

teas also distinguished by the nature and mechanical obrabotki.Zelenye and black teas are divided into pressed, Loose and extracted.Loose teas are Samymipopulyarnymi (baikhovi).Black teas are divided baikhovi nalistovye breaks, fine and floral.Loma teas contain nebolshoekolichestvo young shoots and leaf varieties consist only of mature leaves.

Compressed teas

They are made of substandard materials (old leaves, stalks and tea dust), which arises as a result of processing chaynyhlistov factories.Larger balances are compressed and smaller tabletiruyut.Melkie tea used for tea bags.

interesting fact is that the first tea bags bylispolzovan in 1904.Importer of New York, Thomas Sullivan wanted sekonomitpri delivery to customers samples of tea and decided to pack them into small shelkovyemeshochki, instead of metal cans.Since traders are not aware of this, we onireshili that these tea bags should be lowered into the cup.They etoponravilos so that they began to book with Sullivan tea only in a package.

first bags were made of silk or cotton.Tea vnih packed by hand.Later they began to produce bags have sperforirovannogo cellophane, and now uses a special perforirovannayabumaga which does not affect the taste.

Today, the whole process of packing them chayaavtomatizirovan.Every moment is filled with thousands of special machines paketikovraznoy shape (square, rectangular, triangular, circular) tea.In kazhdompaketike contains approximately about 2.2 g of tea.

extracted teas

manufactured as a dry crystalline form or zhidkogoekstrakta.These teas are instant.They are produced only vgermeticheskih packages.Commercial grades are different from the industrial grades chaya.Ih prepared by mixing various industrial grades.Sometimes nazvaniechaya comes from the name of its creator, or the time of day.

Today, there is such a profession as the Taster chaev.Smeshivanie - is a complex process that requires people redkoyprofessii such hard work.The person should have a fine sense of smell and vkusom.Za day so people have to try a lot of tea, so rabotautomitelnaya.

Each tea company usually has its retsepturysmeshivaniya.For foreign Taster most important thing in the tea - razvarennogolista color and flavor of the tea.Our experts will also release a full five indicators horoshegochaya: the intensity of the infusion, the appearance, color, aroma and taste.Mixing can be teas grown in different countries, as well as those who grew up in the same country.

flavored teas

They are produced from all types of long leaf teas.Aromatization sovsemnikak not affect the biochemical composition of the drink.As a result, it chaypriobretaet distinct flavor.Flavors may be several (in redkihsluchayah).Most often flavored teas of average quality and only inogdavysokogo.

Today, there are two ways of flavoring.First - etoruchnoy.The tea is ready to add a variety of plant seeds, herbs, roots, fragrant flowers (jasmine, anise, iris, turmeric, etc.).While the tea did not have time ostytposle drying his scatter layers and pinch them with layers aromatizatorov.Cherez some time with clean flavors of tea, and the tea is dried again idobavlyayut there already dry flavors - 50 kg of tea about 2.5 kg.This sposobschitaetsya expensive.Much cheaper flavored tea using ssinteticheskih essences, which by their nature are similar to the formula analogi.Vse flavorings must be indicated on the packaging.

In Russia, consumers are negatively disposed protiviskusstvennyh flavors.But experts from the Institute of Supply assure chtoessentsii absolutely safe for health.Moreover, the quality and taste oniprevoskhodyat natural products.

As you can see, the tea - is not just a tasty drink.First chemokazatsya our cups, it passes a long process of gathering and processing.Chtobyspolna enjoy the taste of tea, choose a quality product.Postaraytesotkazatsya from tea bags and only buy loose.And to poluchitpolzu and enjoy the scent, follow the rules of welding.Not all teas nuzhnozavarivat boiling water.Remember that.Enjoy your tea!

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