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Ice Cream: Harm and benefits

Of course, this statement is a bit exaggerated, but samasut true.In our country, both adults and children buying ice cream prirazlichnyh circumstances: on holidays and on weekdays, cool yourself in zharkuyupogodu or just cheer up on a cloudy day.Look at takoechrezmernoe use all different.Some believe that there morozhenoemozhno every day, while others believe that its use should be ogranichivatdo twice a week.

How ice cream has a detrimental effect on organizmskazat difficult.Or, more to draw attention to something that concerns vsehproduktov power - must be observed throughout the measure.Even a bezobidnyyprodukt like ice cream, can be both harmful and helpful.

What is everyone's favorite ice cream? Regarding the method of its production, ice cream is both soft izakalennoe.Soft ice cream can not be colder than minus five gradusovTselsiya.It tastes like ice cream quite tender, but it can not be stored dlitelnoevremya.Ice tempered on plants, frozen to minusdvadtsati five degrees.On the palate it i

s more solid and dense, and kept mozhetdo year.

With regard to the degree of fat, there are several types -slivochnoe, dairy, fruit and ice cream.

composition of ice cream

Fruit and berry ice cream contains no fat, only saharprisutstvuet ratio of 30%.It is made from mashed inaturalnyh juices and fruits.

dairy ice cream in its composition has minimal kolichestvosahara - about 16%, and it is included in the fat in small quantities of about 6% .Morozhenoe butter is composed of fat - 10% sugar - 15%.Sundae same soderzhitokolo 15% fat, thus being the most fatty.

Excellent product - a natural animal fats that namdayut energy and strength.It should be noted that today many proizvoditeliispolzuyut also a mixture of fats of vegetable origin, explaining that in this way the ice cream has a lower calorific value and less tsenu.Eto so, but as far as its nutritional value, especially on fonevsevozmozhnyh emulsifiers and fillers - it is questionable.

If the ice cream is made from natural products - zdessoderzhitsya large amount of nutrients: amino acids 20, zhirnyhkislot about 25, 20 vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are important dlyapravilnogo metabolism, about 30. For this reason, it is believed Otomithat one serving of ice cream can "recharge the brain."

If the ice cream is made of natural milk ononesomnenno helpful.After all, so it is calorie, nutritionally, sposobnovosstanovit energy and even to satisfy his hunger.

Some otolaryngologist recommend upotreblyatmorozhenoe regularly, as it will help the development of the so-called lokalnogoimmuniteta that accustom throat to low temperature.Of course, all this delatsleduet gradually ice cream while there carefully, in small amounts.

Benefits and harms

Institute of Nutrition experts believe that a product such as ice cream, can benefit not everyone.First of all, it is prichinoytomu calorie - 500 kcal per 100 g Also, because of the sugar content, the ice cream is contraindicated for people who have extra weight and stradayuschimsaharnym diabetes.

Do not use cream, made nazhivotnom fat people who have cholesterol levels higher than normal.Bolshayachast nutritionists do not advise to get involved often flavored sortamimorozhenogo: lemon or strawberry it.d.The fact is that in the podobnyhproduktov mandatory vhodyatfruktovye essences and various artificial additives.Boleebezopasno eat fruit varieties.

less total fat ice milk has, by virtue of which iyavlyaetsya less nutritious.It should be remembered that in any way morozhenogosoderzhitsya in sufficient quantities digestible sugars that povyshaetglyukozu blood.

Excessive intake of ice cream can cause headaches boli.Vozmozhno someone this fact may seem reckless, but relying nameditsinskuyu statistics, it really is.About a third of all people mirastradayut headaches because of the use of ice-cream in bolshihkolichestvah.If there is ice cream ochenbystro can reduce body temperature, thus narrowing the vessels and to golovnomumozgu blood begins to flow in smaller quantities.Thus, etoyprichine and headache.

from eating ice cream should avoid people who suffer from ischemic heart disease, tooth decay, and atherosclerosis.Every day estmorozhenoe should not even completely healthy people.Recommended - ilitri two times a week.

Regarding children - do not let them morozhenymzamenyat full acceptance of foods.But here mneniyarazlichnyh experts disagree.Some offer to give ice cream detyamposle food as a dessert, because the appetite so you can not kill.Adrugaya of the experts are of the opinion that after a meal upotreblennoemorozhenoe able to hinder digestion.

But there is a middle ground - ice cream for children mozhnopredlagat as a snack, such as wild berries, which pomogutorganizmu digest fats and sugars.

Note that many people used to eat ice cream is on the street.But we eat with ice cream car exhausts, ulichnuyupyl dirt as ice cream attracts all this.In the case eslimorozhenoe you on the street and bought, eat it in the park on a bench or in letnemkafe.

If the measure in the use of ice-cream will be respected, there can be everyone.And note that in the Russian ice cream 4-10raz used less than in the US or Europe.