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5 best foods for diabetics

What is in diabetes?

Everyone knows that eating diabetikovdolzhna be low glycemic indeksom.Poetomu can not eat sweets, sugar, honey, biscuits, kukuruznyysirop and refined starch.

should try not to eat upotreblyatv undiluted juice, if the blood sugar level is very high.Izbegaytefast foods, they contain large amounts of sugar, even if they are not sweet.

Try to eat green vegetables, walnuts, avocado, sea fish and legumes.

Green vegetables

vegetables and herbs can be nuzhnoupotreblyat and food every day.In fennel, celery and parsley all nikogdasebe not refuse.Parsley is able to reduce blood sugar levels, and takzhesoderzhit many vitamins and minerals.

The vegetables are very high in fiber is practically no fat.They are low in carbohydrates, so eat them and do not think NIO than cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, radish, carrots, radishes, etc.To ovoschismogli increase blood glucose levels, they need to eat a lot.Kprimeru, 10-12 grams of sugar contained in 200 g of carrots and beets, 350

-400 g cabbage, 600-700 g pumpkin or cucumber, 400 gpomidora.

Celery and carrots are rich naprovitamin A and other important carotenoids.They reduce the risk of myocardial infarction.

in green fruits and vegetables (peas, spinach, broccoli, pepper, chinese cabbage, kiwi, asparagus, celery, green apples and pears, green beans, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, leeks, zucchini) contains lutein and indoleswhich improve zdoroveprotivookislitelnymi properties.

Thanks thiosulfate and allicin, which are garlic and onions, platelets do not stick together.In addition etiveschestva relax pulmonary arteries.Garlic lowers "bad" cholesterol vkrovi and lowers blood pressure.

Potatoes - a vegetable that bogatuglevodami and starch, so people who have diabetes it nuzhnoupotreblyat mandatory, chembolshe better.Mashed potatoes quickly raises blood glucose chemvareny as a whole.

Blue fruits and vegetables bogatyantotsianami and phenolic resin, which do not allow the body to age and yavlyayutsyaantioksidantami.


Seven walnut kernels orehovsoderzhitsya 2 grams fiber of good quality and 2.6 grams of alpha linolenic kisloty.Eti components are very important for digestion and recovery.

Instead sandwiches can estpoleznye nuts as snacks, or you can add them to the usual dishes isalaty.Walnuts - very necessary for the mind, so in ancient times was not vsemmozhno them to eat, because they believed that their mind is anyone unnecessary.

Walnuts, both at elevated and at low pH can normalize an acidic environment.Pomimoetogo, to use this product, you will not only prevent atherosclerosis, but imozhete heal him if they are suffering.

most important information for people who suffer from diabetes and their relatives - walnuts orehisoderzhat as magnesium and zinc, as required in order to snizituroven sugar.They also contain substances that sposobnypredotvratit fatty liver.

Eat every day, seven yadergretskih nuts, and you can get rid of iron deficiency anemia and sdelatsosudy elastic, which is very important for diabetics.Cobalt, iron, zinc Imed contained in the nuts, sugar eliminate symptoms of the disease, kotoryesovsem not desirable.

Nuts are rich in iodine, essential oils idubilnymi substances that are needed for each body and diabetics vobyazatelnom order.


Avokado- very valuable and unique product that is simply irreplaceable for people who suffer from diabetes.Also it is very useful to people kotoryestradayut cataracts, stomach disorders and hypertension.

Etotfrukt has such a valuable substance - mannoheptulose that znachitelnosnizhaet blood sugar.

Kletkivseh organs, including the brain actively use glucose, which leads kuluchsheniyu health, well-being and concentration.

Vavokado contains many vitamins B6 odiniz which, thanks to him, all the processes in organizme.Osobenno this product useful for people who suffer heart sosudistymizabolevaniyami.

Dlyabolnyh diabetes avocados right hand because his soderzhaniemkaliya copper and it stabilizes the chemical balance in the body.

can cut fruit salad to give it a nutrient taste.Besides avocado - a vegetable protein source.

Marine fish

Prisaharnom diabetes is very important to eat marine fish because onaochen useful because of the amount of content in it protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are so needed by the body.

Most benefit of fish that it is digested namnogoluchshe meat of animals and birds, as well as ikurinoe meat, fish rich in protein, which contains the desired amino acids.

should know that soderzhaniebelka depends directly on the type of fish.The high content of protein in salmon, Shiga, trout, sturgeon, beluga.Experts say that in Sudak bolshebelka than chicken, and carp - more than in beef.

addition of protein in diabetes is very important that rybaobladaet high nutritional value due to the high content of fatty kislotOmega-3, Omega-6.Most of them are rich in salmon and tuna.These fatty acids have a number of advantages:

  • reduce weight
  • prevent cardio - vascular diseases
  • needed for intracellular processes
  • have anti-inflammatory effect.

Co. vsemuprochemu fish is rich in phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium, potassium, iodine and takzhevitaminami A, E, D and B. vitaminamigruppy

When diabetes is best to eat fish votvarnom, filler and baked form.


Lentils, beans - the source of most of abundance of nutrients that neobhodimypri diabetes.It is best if they are fresh, or at bysvezhemorozhenye.

Legumes contain large amounts of starch (soybeans, peas, lentils, beans), as well as minerals (calcium), phytoestrogens, vitamin andother very useful substances that can protect the body from neduga.Luchshe just eat legumes several times a weeksmall kolichestvah.Vydelite legumes lunch - the best time for them.

Legumes form a gel in the intestine, through which glyukozaiz food passes more slowly into cells.

Beans - one of the best sources of omega-3 zhirnyhkislot.7 grams of soluble fiber, 17% Daily Value of iron and 63% dnevnoynormy folic acid contains a half cup of beans.

Since this product is rich in protein and fiber, but soderzhitnemnogo fat, it is a good food for diabetics.

If you buy canned beans, remember that it must be peredupotrebleniem thoroughly rinsed to remove the salt and preservatives.Priprigotovlenii remember that beans go perfectly sovoschami.

most important thing that you dolzhnyzapomnit in the treatment of diabetes - the power is not fun, alechenie.Therefore, we must make sure that it was balanced and contained vseneobhodimye nutrients and vitamins.

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