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Yeast: structure, properties, applications and types

Ingredients yeast

The chemical composition of yeast quite unstable: it vbolshinstve his depends on their type.At the moment, it has been known for thousands of species okolopolutora.Also, the composition is strongly dependent on the environment in kotoroyrazmnozhayutsya yeast.In most cases they comprise a quarter trichetverti dry matter and water.The dry substance consists of components such as carbohydrates, inorganic substances, nitrogen, fats and proteins.

Inorganics are usually presented in potassium and fosfornoykislotoy.The carbohydrate portion of the yeast contains polysaccharides, proteins and amino acids, which include all the necessary body;consisting zhirovmozhno find polyunsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

Species yeast

Variety learned to distinguish the yeast at the end devyatnadtsatogo- early twentieth century: scientists have conducted many experiments and bylonapisano a lot of work on this topic.

Among the main varieties of yeasts that are now ispolzuyutsyav differ

ent industries can be called such as extruded, baker's, active dry, beer, instant, wine.

The easiest way to find the baker's yeast - they are sold in lyubomproduktovom store, put up in small packets;they have dostatochnobolshoy shelf life and are easy to use - to prepare on the basis of their testomozhet even a child.

Pressed yeast also known as confectionery.They namnogoslozhnee in storage: if kept outside of the refrigerator, then after two nedelioni be unusable, and if the ambient temperature vyshetridtsati degrees, the storage time is reduced to three or even four dney.Rekomenduetsya store them in the freezer, even though a conventional refrigeratorbudetdostatochno to keep their properties within two months.Peredprimeneniem confectionery yeast should be diluted with warm water.

Dry yeast differ considerable shelf life if their packaging nebyla open: in a cool dry place, they can lie about two let.Otkrytye yeast require storage in a sealed container, placed vholodilnik - so they can be stored for about four months.

dry active yeast should be dissolved in warm water (water chetyrechasti on one part of yeast) and leave for ten minutes, then stir ipodozhdat some more.

instant yeast have almost the same properties and ispolzuyutsyaoni about the same, but they are ready for use in ten minutrastvoreniya in warm water.

All of the above species of yeast can save svoyuaktivnost for more time if subjected to freezing them, but we should not do it drastically - they are sensitive to perepadamtemperatur that destroy yeast cells, so that defrost them sleduetpostepenno and water for the dissolution of their needslightly warm.

Brewer's yeast are different from those used for the test, and many ihvidov.For this reason, different beer has a different color, taste iprochie characteristics.For example, El is prepared with osobyhdrozhzhey which are less susceptible to alcohol than other types.Typically, brewer's yeast exists as a liquid for this reason, before use does not require reconstitution.

Also yeast used for making kvass, but etomsluchae involved in the process at the same time, and lactic acid bacteria.

yeast that are used to create a variety of wines ishampanskogo have high adaptability to living in environments with a large alcohol content and high temperature at which other drozhzhiobychno die.

There are other species of yeast, which do not apply dlyavypechki - a dietary or nutritional yeast they are heat-treated and transitions to the inactive state, but their cells at the same time remain intact, thus preserving vitamins, proteins and other nutrients.In takihdrozhzhah many vitamins, and you can buy them in the departments of healthy eating iaptekah.

Using yeast

Different types of yeast used today in various sectors: vkvasovarenii and brewing industry - most widely in the baking, winemaking, production of certain dairy products, medicine (in kachestveprofilakticheskogo and therapeutic tools), cooking.

yeast contain a lot of vitamins and valuable proteins poetomuteoreticheski they can be added to different dishes, and experiments in etomnapravlenii were in the first third of the twentieth century, however, this practice is not shirokogorasprostraneniya received.It is believed that drozhzhimozhno add green, fresh and sour cabbage soup, rassolnik, borscht, white ilukovy sauces.

healing qualities of yeast

Natural baker and brewer's yeast can be used inas a therapeutic agent;with their application may be sdelanyspetsialnye drugs such as gefefitin who prescribed to patients srasstroystvami nervous system, skin problems, and gipovitaminoze narusheniyahobmena substances.

The liquid yeast can be assigned to a specialist medikomdlya oral administration to increase the absorption of various kinds pitatelnyhveschestv, improve the stomach, intestines and pancreas, povysitimmunitet organism to various diseases that can be vyzvanyvirusami and bacteria.Moreover, liquid yeast in this respect znachitelnopoleznee than dry.Also, yeast can be assigned with gastritis, enterocolitis, recovery after serious diseases.Dermatologic samostoyatelnos using yeast strictly prohibited - treatment should appoint a doctor.