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How to eat to stay young and healthy?

how diet can help us look younger?

If we do not eat, everything is displayed on kozhnompokrove.It is also important to protect the skin from UV radiation, poetomunuzhno eat more vitamins A, C and D.

How can the nutrients and foods zamedlitprotsess aging?

main visible signs of aging on our skin.To protect kozhuvneshne need to always use sunscreen, zhelatelnobrosit smoking.Smoking kills elastin, through which our skin takayagibkaya.It is very important for the skin has a healthy sleep during otdyhakozha restored.The cells themselves are restored quickly, but we need more ivremya to replenish energy.

As for nutrients and foods, vitamin A - one of those that we really need and we get it from various foods: apricots, yaichnyyzheltok, carrots, sweet potatoes, nectarines, broccoli, and spinach.

Vitamin D - most of this vitamin otsolnechnogo we consume the world, but many people suffer from the sun.This vitamin mozhnopoluchat of milk and orange juice.Experts say that the lower gribytozhe rich

in vitamin D.

Vitamin C is very necessary to the body to heal wounds and maintain vsetipy tissue integrity.Good sources of this vitamin - citrus fruits, tomatoes and kiwis.

recession begins when body functions?As we mozhemostanovit this process?

There are two types of age: chronological and biological.With hronologicheskimvozrastom we can not do anything, which is not the biologicheskomvozraste.It can affect different factors: smoking, too long and frequent exposure to the sun, poor diet inezdorovy sleep.

If someone does not like oatmeal, whether esthlopya?

Experts say that oats is useful in any form.Besides ovsyankaigraet major role in the prevention of skin aging.

It helps our body releases nitric oxide through kotoromukrov move freely.As a consequence, all cells of the body, and skin tomchisle receive more nutrients and oxygen.

How did lose weight and rejuvenate?

Every time a person wants to lose weight, he said that it is necessary mensheest.Probably just not everyone knows what is moderation.Anyone who wants to lose weight can eat your favorite foods, but in small umerennomkolichestve.Just to the food you need to add other useful miracle products.

For example, if you suffer from insomnia, then eat the cherries, walnuts and lettuce;If you have arthritis - peppers, yogurt, ginger;If stradaetegolovnymi pains and migraines - mushrooms, rosemary and blueberries, and if you lishniyves - oatmeal, pears and eggs.

healthy variety of food, especially whole grains and fresh vegetables, helps us to strengthen the immune system, fight against "free radicals", kotoryerazrushayut cells and reduce inflammation at the cellular level.

have a chronic disease that can be avoided by zdorovomupitaniyu: cancer, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, Cardiovascular diseases and others.

10 products that can help save your life

Coffee : Esliupotreblyat caffeine in moderation, it is possible to avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease umenshitrisk men, improve memory and mood.

Almond : Bogatbelkom, vitamin E, fiber and various antioxidants.Pomogaetpodderzhivat heart health and good shape and prevents Alzheimer opasnostbolezni.

Eggs : nihmalo in calories and high in protein, folate, choline, and iron.Excellent pomogayutv maintaining weight and health view.

Barley: contains fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B group and antioxidants.Yachmensoderzhit beta-glucan, which keep the heart healthy.

Grapes: Contains vitamin C, quercetin and potassium.Experts say that quercetin ukreplyaetimmunitet.

Cabbage: Bogatavitaminom C and A, zeaksantanom, lutein and potassium.These substances sposobnypredotvraschat some types of cancer, and degeneration of the retina.

Nuts: Bogatyantioksidantami and vitamin C.

Ginger: reduces arthritis pain, removes nausea and soothes the troubled stomach.

Olive oil: Contains beneficial monounsaturated fats and vegetable components kotoryesposobny fight cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obladaetprotivovospalitelnym effect.

Sweet potatoes: Contains vitamin C and A, fiber.An excellent source of lycopene, blagodaryakotoromu can avoid prostate, heart disease and breast cancer.

This does not mean you have to limit ourselves to these products, ochenpolezny as broccoli, oranges, tuna, soy, tea, blueberry, pumpkin, oats, tomatoes, yogurt, turkey, spinach and beans.

Pros anti-aging diet

  • do not need to count calories
  • carries anti-stress effect
  • balanced diet
  • reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • effective rejuvenation

Disadvantages of anti-aging diet

  • no clear menu
  • not suitable for people who want to lose weight quickly
  • if you eat too much, the weight will increase



onion omelet with mushrooms and spinach.


250 ml goat milk, half cup of berries.


vegetable salad with herbs and avocado, chicken, baked vfolge.


grapefruit or orange.


salad with raspberries and spinach, a glass of dry red wine, salmon, baked with asparagus and lemon sauce.

modern doctors and nutritionists say that the most important thing etodumat not that you can not eat, but rather concentrate NAT is useful and necessary.Eat healthy foods that help you lose weight netolko, but also improve the body.

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