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Crab sticks: history, composition, how to choose

history krabovyhpalochek

When invented crab sticks?Who came up with sticks? Crab sticks were invented by the Japanese - they're always coming up with a lot of interesting ins, and then this "innovation" used by the whole world, and exclaims: "Oh wow!".In general, the Japanese have come up with crab sticks for a long time, but rather the beginning of the 12th century.While the Japanese fish started to make white stuffing, kotoromudali called "surimi".While this white polufabrikaty- minced cooked sausage, balls.Then, these semi-finished products cooked, baked, roasted sdobavleniem their Japanese seasonings.The people most loved dense rybnyeshariki - "kamaboko".

Over time, the Japanese began to try this produkteksportirovat, but the market "innovation" is not accepted.Users western strangovorili that surimi balls resemble gum flavored soap and dazhesobaki that its use would not.

But in the 20th century to the 1970s Everything changed -Product surimi loved the whole civilized world.But what is t

he secret of success takogovydayuschego?A success is that in the food industry mnogihstran at this time have been widely used food additives such kakaromatizatory, colorants, flavor enhancers and other fruits nauchnyhdostizheny.During this time, the product of surimi, which was understandable lishyapontsam, reborn as we know today, the exotic "crab" sticks (imitation crab meat).

Crab sticks have been widely used in Europe, America, Russia, and vYaponii as before everything was going in the same direction - a portion of crab palochekiz all products that are made from surimi, there are only desyatprotsentov.

What gotovyatkrabovye sticks

For the preparation of surimi in the 12th century used boleekachestvennaya fish which was exactly clean.Currently it surimidelaetsya not the best species of fish, mostly for cooking belayaryba taken, such as blue whiting, haddock, pollock, perch, hake.Fish fillets snachalapromyvayut, milled, and then to remove the excess moisture is passed chereztsentrifugu.The result is a light weight, and then it is added sugar, starch, salt - get surimi.It should be noted that Russian companies pischevoypromyshlennosti themselves rarely prepared surimi, they prefer priobretatego abroad - in the US, Canada, Argentina, and the place has gotovyatneposredstvenno crab sticks.

The surimi was added various ingredients: egg white, vegetable oil, starch, vegetable protein, stabilizers, flavors, ochischennuyuvodu, thickeners, dyes for attractive red color (such kakkarmin or carrageenan), and flavor enhancers.Thus, the product remains rybnogofarsha at best only 45%, but often the product soderzhitne more than 25% surimi and this ratio is considered normal.Generally naupakovke product sootnoshenieingredientov percentage is not specified, however, before buying prochitatsostav better product.

Currently, most consumers know chtoingredienty that the composition of the product in the list are first sostavlyayutosnovnuyu part of the product.Consequently, if the product is pervymingredientom "surimi", it can be concluded that this produktpriemlemogo quality and you can safely buy.In that case, if the "surimi" vspiske ingredients is the second, then the product number rybysvedeno minimized.If the word does not exist in the list, sootvetstvennoryby too, there is only soy protein, starch and various substitutes.In takomsluchae such sticks is better not to buy.

Now for the food additives.Today, without pischevyhdobavok costs nothing, and crab sticks are no exception.But until now, allowed Russia to tear those additives, which in other countries have long banned.Rechidet of harmful additives such as E420, E450, E171, E160 - These additives mogutvyzvat allergies and chronic diseases.In Russia, these additives aktivnoispolzuyutsya and the EU are prohibited.

Many experts and manufacturers try ubeditpotrebitelya that harmful chemical additives in small quantities vredazdorovyu not applied.Probably, especially if you do not take into account the fact that myregulyarno in our stores we buy products that contain such substances bolshoekolichestvo and crab sticks, replacing the other ingredients, add almost all salads.

In any case, each user can decide which product to buy, but before you buy crab sticks, think about this.Poroymikrobiologicheskaya contaminated food is more dangerous than the content vnem chemical additives, especially when you consider that we are describing the product before use to heat treatment nepodvergaetsya.Therefore, the best products to buy vacuum-packed populyarnyhproizvoditeley, but of loose cheapest options is better avoided.

Select krabovyepalochki

What is worth buying crab sticks?Attention nuzhnoobraschat primarily on appearance: crab sticks should bytkrasivymi and tidy, should be firm, juicy, they must napominatkrabovoe meat and should look appetizing.Peremorozhennye, dry sticks and lishennyeuprugosti not worth buying, because such sticks is not nikakihvkusovyh quality as there is no value.Nor should we buy palochkiiz freezer where toopuskaetsya below 18 degrees Celsius.

Crab sticks must not be frozen again.If there vupakovke snow and / or ice, it indicates that the product bylzamorozhen again.The packaging should have information about the manufacturer, storage conditions and shelf life, and stick themselves with one side should bytakkuratno and evenly colored.

So, crab sticks called the useful product can not be, because all the minerals, vitamins and healthy fats are lost when prigotovleniisurimi in the product can only fish protein.