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Prunes slimming: properties and recipes

Composition prunes

Most of prunes contains water and carbohydrates.Vnebolshom amount are fats, proteins and ashes.One hundred grams chernoslivasoderzhitsya 7.1 grams of fiber (fiber).The prunes are contained in a large kolichestvevitaminy - C, B3 and E. Even in prunes are vitamins A (beta-carotene) ivitaminy Group B.

These dried fruits also contain macronutrients - ochenmnogo potassium (100 mg 745 g), it is sufficientmuch phosphorus, calcium, magnesium.Teperchto Regarding micronutrients, we can safely say that prunes bogatzhelezom.It also contains copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

What prunes has the ability to help sbrasyvatlishnie kilograms, for several reasons.

Use pripohudenii prunes

Firstly, it is nutritious prunes.For example, dried prunes vsego5 able to compensate for the body's need for food voloknahna 13%.A fiber in its ochereduluchshaet process of promoting consumption of products pischevaritelnoysisteme.This of course with weight loss in general has little effect nosi

stematicheskoe fiber intake (dietary fiber) normalizes rabotukishechnika, which in the fight against excess weight is important.Now calorie, prunes can not be called low-calorie, because 100 g dried fruits prihoditsyaokolo 239 kcal.

Chernoslivkak natural laxative

Many people have long known that prunes is horoshimsredstvom constipation.But this is the first time it was published only in 2011.Vetih dried fruits were found difenilisatin and sorbitol - agents (laxatives medium strength), which are able to soften the stool.These issledovaniyavo account were taken only in the US, and American doctors confidently uzhepropisyvayut prunes as a laxative.Still, it's better nezheliiskusstvennoe raw material from which made pills.Apart from that, even chernoslivaest dignity - it promotes the excretion of harmful substances, including toxins.

Chernoslivdlya reduce appetite

Those who dieted knows that at this time the feeling golodabyvaet strong enough constantly pulls something to eat high-calorie isladkoe.In this case, the assistance will prune - its nutritional namnogovyshe than that candy and caloric below.Moreover, prunes not silnopovyshaet blood sugar level.

almost always women sitting on a diet, or irritable byvayutdepressivnymi.And here again comes to the rescue prunes, as it is an excellent natural anti-depressant.Therefore, to sustain time diet with prunes will be much easier.

scientists from Greece and conducted research proved that etisuhofrukty reduce appetite.After eating a little before eating prunes, decrease the amount of food eaten.

How to choose prunes

The first thing you should pay attention when vyborechernosliva, so it's on its appearance.Dried fruit such as prunes dolzhennemnogo shine and be black.If the dried fruits are ilikorichnevy blue tint, it may indicate that the dried fruits were obrabotanyhimicheskimi substances.It is better not to buy at all or rinse thoroughly underwater.Prunes must always be firm and at the same time dostatochnomyagkim.On corruption prunes said remaining after clicking vmyatina.Chernosliv taste should be sweet, rich, slightly sour.Fruits sgorkim taste can not eat.If possible, find out where they had been brought etisuhofrukty - dried fruit from California are the best.

How to eat prunes during slimming

When losing weight should eat each day 6 plodovchernosliva.This approach will strengthen the immune system and normalizes the ZhKT.Tem who loves all kinds of fasting days, you can spend the day on chernoslive- at one time should eat about 100 grams of dried fruit, predvaritelnorasparennyh.Eat prunes can be every 2.5-3 hours.


Fasting days can not be carried out in diabetes and prinarusheniyah functioning of the digestive system.


Slimming also apply different drinks and mixes schernoslivom.Here are a few dietary prescriptions.

  • Cooking combination tool for weight loss, for that we need these ingredients: water (1.6 L), three hundred grams of prunes 50 g of buckthorn bark, one hundred grams of rose hips (you can use ready-made rose hip syrup, 250 ml).Prunes and buckthorn bark filled with water and boil 25 minutes on low heat.Once added to the broth rose, and simmer for another 45 minutes.Then the broth is removed in a warm place for the night, then filtered and cleaned in a sealed container in the refrigerator.Broth take half a cup every day at 21:00.
  • prepare nutritious blend of honey and dried fruit for weight loss.For a nutritional formula, we will need the following products: 400 g of prunes, raisins 100 grams, 100 grams of dried apricots, 100 g of rose hips (instead of the hips can be used rosehip syrup - 100g), 50g chopped herbs senna and 200 grams of figs.All available components are passed through a meat grinder, then add honey, mix thoroughly mixed, placed in a glass container, which is removed for storage in a cool place.The resulting vitamin and nutrient mixture can be used morning and evening on the spoon, and it is possible instead of sweets.
  • prepare nutritious mix only with other ingredients.To take a mixture of senna (need one package), 200 g of liquid honey, 400 grams of dried apricots and prunes 400 g.All ingredients except the honey mince, add honey and stir everything.The resulting mixture is kept in a cool place.We need to use every evening on a teaspoon.

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