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Which cereal is considered the most useful?

Since childhood we were fed porridge our parents, because this product contains many useful elements and vitamins.But in each of these slush ratio of different nutrients.Therefore, we will tell you what are the most useful cereal.


Semolina - is a dish that feeds each rebenka.Iz the high content of starch in the stomach porridge is saturated, and we long vremyaoschuschaem satiety.Thanks semolina children gain weight quickly.And it tastes nezhnayai pleasant.More good this mess gives milk.Since most semolina poleznyhveschestv not so much.This is because it is a product of the production of wheat varieties vprotsesse flour.So get this kashineobhodimye for the child's body vitamins and minerals can only be malenkihkolichestvah.But despite this, the semolina is useful to deteystarshego age and for adults.Very small children it is better not to give.

most useful in the ladle - it phytin (organicheskoesoedinenie phosphorus).Phytin has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal kishechnyytr

akt, muscles and bones.For those ktosledit her figure this mess is not suitable because it is very high in calories.

Rice porridge

Rice porridge is the staple food of the Japanese.Recall that this nation is considered to be long-lived, and the Japanese know a lot about food.Figure imeetabsorbiruyuschie properties that are able to display the body of harmful substances itoksicheskie.The rice porridge many trace elements and is easily digestible by the body and gastrointestinal tract.But this miracle porridge esti drawbacks.It is contraindicated for people with certain diseases (diabetes and obesity).This is due to the fact that in a rice porridge soderzhatsyanekotorye substances that can provoke urovensahara obesity and increase in the blood.If you do not have these diseases, it is not excluded from this svoegoratsiona gruel.The bran shell unpolished grain risasohranyayutsya useful vitamins E, B1, B2, PP and trace elements.Chtobypoluchat only benefit from the use of this mess, do not eat it, and give preference to slishkommnogo dlinnozernovym and brown varieties etoykultury.

oatmeal and buckwheat

Many nutritionists, pediatricians and therapists confirm that kashiiz gray grains are very healthy.The first such kashamotnosyatsya oatmeal and buckwheat.

In buckwheat contains a lot of iron, so it is often sovetuyutkushat those who suffer from anemia.She also is a leader in soderzhaniyurastitelnogo protein and essential amino acids.In buckwheat, as in many drugihkrupah, a lot of fiber, which is necessary for the prevention onkologicheskihzabolevany and constipation.The main feature of gray porridge of drugihyavlyaetsya that they contain a lot of B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc.These vitamins and minerals needed to normalnogofunktsionirovaniya cardiovascular and nervous systems, construction of skin cells and the health of hair and nails.

buckwheat can be included in the diet year-old child, do not forget it Isami often eat to stay healthy.

Oatmeal least useful buckwheat.It takzhesoderzhitsya a lot of B vitamins, which are necessary for a full funktsionirovaniyagolovnogo brain and nervous system.In addition, it contains vitamins A, E, useful enzymes that help to break down fats.That is why every day dietologisovetuyut have oatmeal for those who want to lose weight.Vitamins A and Eukreplyayut walls of large blood vessels and capillaries.Zinc, which also contains vkashe, creates a barrier for skin diseases.

Flax porridge

this mess rarely seen on store shelves.Nosemena flax can serve as a model for the correct product and sbalansirovannogopitaniya adults and children.This porridge contains very few carbohydrates, but prietom lot of protein and useful for the body fats.In addition, flax seed prizavarivanii formed slimy substance that blagopriyatnovliyaet on the gastrointestinal tract and which helps to remove toxins from nashegoorganizma.The linen porridge contains a huge amount of vitamins A, E and B, potassium asoderzhanie it seven times the content of this vitamin in banane.Da and the rest of the vitamins and mineral elements in it no less.

from other cereals linen is characterized in that it contains ogromneysheekolichestvo plant hormones which have anti-allergic iantioksidantnym action.That is why it is useful not only for healthy people, but also those who suffer from different pathologies: allergy, cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory, digestive and other.


Polenta useful in that it is composed of silicon, which has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora and zdorovezubov.It is satisfying, but it is able to deduce fat from our body.Silicon is useful dystrophy, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, obesity, revmatizme.On beneficial effect on heart function, promotes the biosynthesis of collagen iobrazovaniyu bone.Regular use of this mess your hair inogti become stronger and more beautiful.So cute girl corn porridge dolzhnaobyazatelno be present in your diet, regardless of age.

millet porridge

This porridge is able to bind and remove from our organizmazhiry.Moreover, it is rich in zinc, copper and manganese.Thanks takomusochetaniyu trace it removes from the body excess mineral soli.Vitamin A, which is contained in millet porridge, promotes skin regeneration isposoben retain moisture in the skin cells.Magnesium and calcium salts that are included vsostav millet, are indispensable in diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


Few like barley porridge, and for good reason.Because it bogatalizinom, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements that okazyvayutprotivovirusnoe action.Barley is very good for allergies and its chastorekomenduyut anemia.It normalizes metabolism, digestion, ochischaetkishechnik, improves the condition of hair, skin and nails.Is argumentydlya still need to keep in your diet this useful product?

And note

Almost every porridge is known for its beneficial properties.Noosobo considered useful porridge of whole grain cereals.Most bolshoekolichestvo vitamins and minerals in the porridge is saved when it nepodvergaetsya heat treatment.Therefore it is better to eat those cereals that are unnecessary to cook on the fire, but rather fill them with milk, soup or yogurt iostavit for a few hours for the swelling.