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Herbs as worthy setting favorite dishes


Celery is the undisputed leader among predstaviteleytsarstva edible greens.By the way, grass can be called celery sogromnoy stretch.At least for the reason that it exists sheet, kornevoyi salad.

celery root is considered to be one of the most gentle and UGTT same time representatives of spicy fragrant roots.Just do not peredatslovami how it tastes and original, if you take its root and a little zapechv oven or fry with cheese and sour cream.As they say, better than one razpoprobovat!A version of celery leaf - spicy greens with special ipriyatnym flavor.All soups and salads, which are added to its leaves, polzuyutsyaogromnoy popular among gourmets.And it's all because of the unique taste.Chtokasaetsya juicy stalks celery salad, they can be eaten raw or votvarennom.

All the main "elements of pleasure" speak for themselves: vetom plant in a generous amount collected all the necessary organizmavitaminy B1, B2, C, PP, E and carotene, pectin, mineralnyesoli and most valuable oil ether.

important that fresh celery can always be found (to fall in love during the year) in supermarkets and markets called Celera.Just the word appears to be even most readily respond greengrocers selling herbs, yes itsenniki stores often use this name.

Fresh celery leaves can be included in the menu romanticheskogouzhina by submitting them on the table with hot chocolate.The effect can be spectacular, because not in vain in the history of the famous seducer of men Marquis Pompadurlyubila this drink.


Its Latin name rosemary received directly from the two words "grew up" - "dew" and "Marina" - "sea", which translated means "dew of the sea".And etosovsem not strange, becausethe birthplace of this ever green plant prinyatoschitat coastal part of the Mediterranean Sea.It is in these places to warm solnechnymiluchami rosemary used to be considered the patron saint of human wisdom memory.Regarding the memory is worth noting that all the ancient beliefs smoglapodtverdit modern science.Scientists have found that rosemary imeetogromnoe number of active bioflavonoids substances that have a P-vitamin activity.Just they can snizithrupkost blood vessels, while stimulating concentration ivnimaniya memory and effectively affect the blood supply to the brain iuluchshayut cardiac work.

This plant is used in cooking around the world.With egopomoschyu marinated pork, lamb and rabbit, to give the meat special "Forest" pine-lemon flavor.

Excellent rosemary combined not only with baked meat Noi with eggs, mushrooms and all sorts of vegetables.

In small doses of rosemary added to soups and sousy.Neobychnye and fragrant taste cheeses produced durum which merupripravleny this herb.

Not to mention that the bakers and vintners also aktivnoispolzuyut rosemary for their own purposes.Winemakers add it to the wine kotoryeslavyatsya tonic properties, but the bakers used herbs vvide natural flavor during cooking fruit jams izhele.

But despite the universal popularity, little taboo dlyarozmarina still there.It is not recommended to use in conjunction with lavrovymlistom (these two spices are not compatible), they can not be seasoned fish (its smell is very strong for the fish dishes).


In its Latin name salvia means nailuchsheepozhelanie by the ancient Romans.They are each other at the meeting said: "Budzdorov!", But in Latin it sounded "Shalva".

Sage is also a representative of the Mediterranean.But onotlichno caught in our area.Due to the fact that it stems and listvenakaplivaetsya essential oil, the plant has a strong pungent smell and taste pryanyygorkovaty.

Sage is often replaced by rosemary or used together with him.Connect with other herbs is not recommended.In most cases, a spice used in a dry form.In America egoispolzuyut to flavor processed cheese, tea and soft napitkov.Svezhie leaves of the plant are mainly added to marinades.

want to cook fresh and spicy meat - add imennoshalfey, he has an excellent softening effect.Very good shalfeysochetaetsya meat turkey, goose or duck and appetizing taste shades svinoypecheni, sausages, sausages and some vegetables.

Note that the sage leaves have a strong flavor, so they should be put in a dish in a small amount.When neobhodimostipryanost can add at the beginning of cooking - Sage firmly perenositteplovuyu processing.


old Latin name comes from the tarragon imenigrecheskoy goddess Artemis (ARTEMIS).Tarragon uluchshaetpischevarenie and helps the body get rid of extra fat.So it is invisible it called a dietary spice.Also known as tarragon nazvaniemtarhun which is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, C, PP, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, cobalt, and aromatic oils.Dietologinastoyatelno recommend to include it in the first and second courses pribessolevoy diet, and doctors-herbalists ascribe this green lekarstvusposobnost improve sleep and freshen breath.Those nutritionists recommend adding a sprig svezhegoestragona in red wine inastoyat drink for 7 mesyatsev.Eto wine should be drunk at dinner one glass.


for thousands of years in the East, his name is pronounced with ogromnymblagosloveniem - "Reyhan" (translated as "sweet").But in ancient Greece to pryanostiotnosilis with great reverence and refers to royal family of plants, davnazvanie "basil", which means "king."This reputation was fixed zabazilikom not only because of its Greek origin.Taste this rasteniyavsegda manifests itself in unexpected dishes and gradually: initially oschuschaetsyagorchinka, and then it goes into a sweet taste.

usefulness of basil is essential oils, carotene, volatile, vitamins B2, C and routine, which regulates the content organizmefermentov and acid balance.

This spice perfectly complements the meat, fish and vegetable dishes, successfully highlighting their taste.By the way, if you used to smoke and decided rezkovzyatsya for a healthy lifestyle, enter the fresh basil in your diet - onvelikolepno antideprissanta fulfill the role effectively reduce nervnoenapryazhenie.

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