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Observe whether the post of pregnant women and children?

Post for pregnant and lactating mothers

you can make the distribution of two categories: glubokoveruyuschie women who have knowledge of this matter soaked with tradition iobychnye Christian family, not very experienced in matters of faith, but also the level of understanding napodsoznatelnomthat fasting is an important component of nasheyduhovnoy life.They do not know how to enter into the post and how to respect it, vedberemennym always something and want to limit myself in meal ProstoDom tantrums often difficult.

TimofeyAleksandriysky Rule 8 of its broadcasts, that the woman who gave birth to the child, nuzhnone office and support like a normal food for the health of the child.Asama birth is a feat in front of God and therefore, if he wants to fast toumerenno, so as not to harm your health and the health of the baby.And her condition in etotperiod be blissful, joyful, because it transferred the baby.God is not an accountant, kotoryyzapisyvaet how much you ate skoromnogo, it is more important h

ow you svoegovyrastish baby and what the traditions inculcated.

limit yourself to the post of first need to idle, entertainment, condemnation, and to increase attention to environmental and usilitpomosch neighbor.This will be the best holding fast.

Do fasting in the marital relationship ?

On this account zealous priests zachastuyuperegibayut stick, taking the liberty to say that during Lent vkoem case should not have sex spouses.This is not true, or let's say, half-truths.Again, we turn to competent sources.Even the apostle Paveldaval couples such edification: do not shy away from each other or tolkopo agreement for a short time that you select yourself for prayer and fasting.Azat come together again, that Satan tempt you not excess.A komuzhe we still trust in these matters, but one of the disciples of Christ?

So here everything is clear: the husband and wife decide dolzhnysami measure fasting and how much they refrain.God did not need to because abstinence in marriage the family split up.This post nikomune need, because the most important thing - to preserve cordial relations in the family when lyubyhobstoyatelstvah.

St. Timothy explains that mandatory vozderzhaniyuyavlyayutsya weekend, and this for the reason that these days in the church LiturgiyaBozhestvennaya passes.As for Lent - the mandatory buduttolko first and last week.The other days - only on request.

Do I need to fast for children?

This issue is complex.In principle, it kategoricheskogootveta not.Here and converge and diverge opinions of doctors and tserkovnosluzhiteley.Po large, the child as actively growing organism, to give otmyasa and dairy products should not be.

Thus, it is desirable to limit the child is not in tehproduktah he needs for the development of an organism (the post still long), and, for example, in games, sitting at the computer, watching cartoons.Also mozhnoogranichit nutritional excluded from the diet of baby products that iznachalnopolzy not bring to the body.For example, cakes, pastries and chocolates.That is, it treats that child's development even more harmful than helpful.Poetomusmelo such restrictions can enter a child.And they will not harm the body and bring dushepolzu.

Do fasting elderly and sick people ?

among the people is now complete confusion of opinion.Someone thinks chtonado post by statute to keep strictly a meat only refuses asleduyuschy "fish do not eat, and eat a man," as St. Seraphim of Sarov.Imeetsyav mind - from animal products, and refuses to comply with the post zealously, but blizhnimpokoya his anger and irritability does not.But who is this post is necessary?Post-it is primarily a spiritual abstinence, and then physical.

So, the Fathers of the Church say that the post nuzhnorazumno observe how someone can do.Some pundits believe that strogoeogranichenie eating healthy person is helpful, but the patient must be bolshieposlableniya, especially if serious illness.Many priests also priderzhivayutsyaetogo opinion, claiming that the Church does not make a person to take what he can not afford.Rules created post to the maximum and there is in them razdeleniyana monks and lay people, so everyone should determine the measure vozderzhaniya.A happens if we break the post, you need to grieve about his infirmities, dabyGospod just that.

disease - it is limiting itself utverzhdaetbatyushka John, and if a person during his illness did not complain, and blagostnovosprinimaet it, knowing that it is all from our sins, it is already estpodvig.And if he is not too limiting yourself to food, but the heart and spirit of joyful egomirno, then this post is correct.And if a person commits etovremya mercy, helping more needy divided kuskomhleba - such a position even more pleasing to God.

as post modern man - general recommendations

In the old days, of course, people are more strictly postilis.No environment was different then, people were healthier.The food was genuine and vodachistoy, key, useful to humans.We are now very different from the ancient predkovnashih their health, though, both physical and undoubtedly spiritual.This all agree - and clergymen, and doctors.Therefore heritageOur ancestors is not completely acceptable to us, today, to our sumasshedshimitempami, bustle and nervous overloads.

Orthodox doctors say that the main purpose of the post - etoserdtse clean from sin, in the hustle and bustle of everyday stop and think about svoeyzhizni about actions and deeds, respect for others.Clear heart with anger, condemnation, jealousy, pride, and add to your life a little bit more love isostradaniya neighbor.

therefore be wrong to relate only to the post sogranicheniyami food.Fasting - this training will force that cheloveksovershaet on himself, refusing to addictions, habits, otpyanstva, gluttony and a relaxed lifestyle.Share snuzhdayuschimsya piece of bread, to visit the sick and help the old man - and your post will boleeugoden Lord than if you are going to go hungry, and in your heart dwell anger hatred of others.

Summarizing, we can highlight the main points of the post today:

  1. observe Lent, as well as throughout the year without fail - Wednesdays and Fridays.
  2. Lent no meat and dairy conduct.
  3. first and last week - a strict fast, the rest - can afford to fish and seafood.
  4. Lenten treats at the weekend to resolve.
  5. not follow the charter of the monastery and not to impose themselves and others undue zeal.
  6. train yourself in works of charity, to bring love to the people and help the needy.
  7. to go to church, confession and communion.
  8. not fun, to conduct a calm and balanced lifestyle.Do not keep in the heart of malice, anger, irritability and hostility, not to judge anyone or speak evil.With no one to quarrel, to be tolerant of others' shortcomings and its endeavor to fix.

Here are those rules that can handle every person who wants to post and keep your soul clean.

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