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Spices: pluses and minuses

Using spices can change not only the taste of the dish, but myself, my body.With proper use of them, they are able to positively affect the entire body.This is due to the fact that the spices activate metabolic processes: reinforce and stimulate the digestive glands, improves intestinal function, and so on.

Positive storonyspetsy

Spices zaschischayutsosudy and heart. So say scientists who conducted study the University of Pennsylvania.Those who each time to fatty meals dobavlyaetkoritsu and turmeric, reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol in your body by 15%.

Spices pomogayutborotsya cancer .This fact is confirmed issledovaniyauchenyh of Johnson Cancer Center.As it turned out, in soderzhitsyakurkumin turmeric, which is able to block the biochemical chain sposobstvuyuschierazvitiyu cancer neck and head.Of course, not so kukurmin isilen to use it as a cure for cancer.But many vrachirekomenduyut its use during and after chemotherapy, after surgery ilioblucheniya.Kukurmin also reduces the negativ

e effects of nicotine on organizmkurilschika.

Strengthen libido .Esche since ancient times, some spices were considered a good afrodiziakom.Sotrudniki Molecular and Integrative Clinical Medicine issledovalipazhitnik (aka fenugreek and fenugreek).This plant is found in the composition of pripravykarri, and it can be purchased separately.As it turned out, in particular fenugreek soderzhitsyamnozhestvo compounds (saponins), which are capable of stimulirovatvyrabotku sex hormones, primarily testosterone.

Assist spravitsyas colds and relieve pain in muscles .When we get sick, we immediately zheidem the pharmacy and nakupalis many medicines.But you can recover and pomoschyupryanostey.For example, ginger has good anti-inflammatory properties iantimikrobnymi.So he copes with the cold and ORVI.Dlya those engaged in fitness or sports, ginger is also useful.Onpomogaet muscles recover and relax after training.

Quicken obmenveschestv .Burning spices can slightly increase the temperature nashegotela and speed up the metabolism by about 8%.That action horoshoobladaet chili, it contains a lot of capsaicin - the substance pridayuscheeostrotu chili.A similar effect is given ginger and black pepper.It is worth noting escheodnu benefit from capsaicin - the substance is able to kill some cancer cells.This was confirmed in the course of experiments conducted nazhivotnyh.

Helps get enough .Kanadskie scientists have proved that if before every meal to eat snacks nemnogoostryh, it will help during the meal to absorb 200 calories menshe.Opyat, such an effect is due to capsaicin - he is able to vyzvatoschuschenie satiety.

stay young

One of the main advantages of spices is that in nihsoderzhitsya more antioxidants than other foods.How namizvestno, antioxidants help resist the ravages vozdeystviyusvobodnyh radicals, as well as extend our youthfulness and improve health.

Researchers at the National Center for the Study of protsessovstareniya analyzed the antioxidant properties of 277 food and beverage.Zaedinitsu measure they took the degree of absorption of oxygen radicals (SARC).Chemvyshe SARK, the more effective the spice neutralizes free radikalov.Kak turned out, the spices contained much more antioxidants than vyagodah.First place among the antioxidant spice cloves and koritsa.Vsego took one teaspoon of these spices contain more antioxidants than half a glass of cranberry or blueberry.A turmeric and oregano proved useful than pomegranate and strawberries.

antioxidant properties of spices tested and drugomupokazatelyu - the ability to deal with ferric (SROSZH) .Issledovaniya held by Irish scholars, and again it turned out that among the leading vsehproduktov cloves.Thus, it turns out that clove spice samayapoleznaya and versatile antioxidant.The rest of the spices boleeeffektivny in one direction.Cumin is good absorbs oxygen, but does not affect the pochtinikak iron amayoran and sage have a high index of SROSZH, but almost nothing nevozdeystvuyut sarcoma.

Based on the above, scientists have concluded that the last to achieve the maximum benefit from the spice must be in one dish sochetatpo several kinds of spices.

Home - nepereborschit!

Whatever spices were not useful, their use mozhetvyzvat side effects.In addition, in certain diseases opredelennyepryanosti use impossible.For example, garlic, turmeric and cumin are able to strengthen and weaken the action nekotoryhlekarstv.Black and red pepper, caution should be consumed in pischutem who suffer from gastritis and gastric diseases.Even absolyutnozdorovym people advised not to eat a lot of spicy.Otherwise it can vyzvatozhog mucosa.

If you overdo it with garlic, it may cause stomach kvzdutiyu.Carnation is contraindicated in hypertensive patients and children under the age of 12 years.Bay leaf reduces blood clotting, so it should not stoitupotreblyat pregnant women, nursing women and those who are prone to bleeding.

Nutmeg, despite its advantages, as vredenv large quantities.With his overdose may be headache, palpitations, dizziness.But in small quantities it ochenpolezen: helps with fatigue, stimulates digestion, energizes, improves memory and stimulates blood circulation.

sozdorovem What problems can be solved by using spices?

As mentioned above, using spices can reshitmnozhestvo health problems.The main thing - the right combination of spices and imetpredstavlenie of their useful properties.

  • antiseptics: black and red pepper, cloves, turmeric, coriander.
  • Pain: nutmeg, ginger, chilli, fennel.
  • bronchitis: chili, cardamom, ginger, fennel.
  • insomnia: cinnamon, fennel and turmeric.
  • diuretic, antipyretic, detoxifying ginger, fennel, turmeric.
  • krovoochistitelnoe: fennel, turmeric, ginger.
  • For the treatment of skin diseases: mustard, turmeric, ginger imuskatny nut.
  • to improve digestion: saffron, chili, ginger, turmeric and krasnyyperets.
  • to improve memory: ginger and black pepper.

shelf life of spices

spices to bring maximum benefit to health Onin be stored for longer than its shelf life.

  • Whole spices (eg, kidney, cloves, peppercorns, cardamom head) can be stored for two to five years.
  • Milled spices-from three months to two years.
  • Leaf spices (thyme, bay leaf) - at pravilnomhranenii can be fit from three months to two years.
  • crushed dried vegetables should not be stored dolshepolugoda.

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