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The most interesting about pasta

Dietary product

Many girls are afraid to eat pasta, because they think of them get better.But is it really?In good grades etogoprodukta very few calories.100 g of dry product - 330 kcal, but 100 g of cooked only 80 kcal.Plus Coves this, the paste of durum wheat almost no fat (a small 1%).

The paste contains a lot of complex carbohydrates - 70% of massysuhogo product.Such slowly digestible carbohydrates, blood sugar krovipochti not increased, but the hunger is leaving us for a long time.Etopomogaet maintain the health and does not feel hunger.Thus, there is a regulation of insulin, which is produced in our body dlyausvoeniya glucose, which is especially important for people with diseases such kaksaharnyh diabetes, obesity, hypertension, as well as narusheniipischevaritelnoy system.

way, in Italy, where they eat the product at least once a day, people who are obese, much less than in many other stranahEvropy.If you are still in doubt about the extra calories from the pasta, then myvam recommen

d pasta with bran from wheat flour.They comprise multifilament fibers which swell slowly in the stomach and provide prodolzhitelnoeoschuschenie satiety.

And pros ...

pasta from durum wheat contains many rastitelnoykletchatki, which eliminates the intestinal dysbiosis and helps vyvodittoksiny from the body.B vitamins soften headache and povyshayutstressoustoychivost.Vitamin E helps prevent premature aging, which is caused by free radicals.Also pasta contained mnogomineralov - phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron.The amino acid tryptophan pomogaetsdelat sleep more calm and deep, and helps treat depression nekotoryhform.But the most important advantage is the high soderzhaniebelka.100 gmakaron contains 15% daily requirement of protein.

Variety flour

All these advantages apply only to temmakaronam, which are made from durum wheat flour.It krahmalnyezerna harder and smaller, its fine-grained consistency and contains mnogokleykoviny (protein).If the pasta is made from soft wheat flour, then in neybudet contain a lot of starch, but low in fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates.

The real pasta made only evropeyskimstandartam, where only durum wheat flour, water and eggs for inogdadobavlyayutsya elasticity.In a pack of pasta must be the inscription: "Group A, 1st class" or "durum".All other products budetotnositsya so-called pasta.

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle and gourmet pasta especially podoydutnizkokaloriynye spelled.Spelt - a special type of wheat kotorayabogache on proteins, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids.

How to distinguish makaronyot pasta?

First, we should pay attention to the tsvet.Nastoyaschaya paste will have a gold or cream color, breaking igladkuyu glassy surface.If you see a bright yellow product, do not pokupayteee, since it is made of soft flour, which is pale solid.

Try to bend the toothpaste.Products made of durum otlichnognutsya and durable, and made of soft - fast break.Carefully read naupakovke table nutritional value.The larger protein, the better.Their dolzhnobyt least '11

Sometimes Eye color is difficult to determine the quality of produkta.No this can be done in the cooking process.Pasta solid meal neslipaetsya not fall apart and has amber color.

Today on supermarket shelves can be found raznotsvetnyemakarony.They were stained with dye, and not necessarily always naturalnyh.Poetomu read the composition.If the composition of the ingredients to be nadpisyuE, then used an artificial dye.

What better vsegosochetat pasta?

pasta can be combined with many products.But luchshevsego they are combined with vegetables, herbs and olive oil.The olive maslesoderzhatsya monounsaturated fats that reduce "bad" cholesterol.If you constantly use this oil for food, it sokratitrisk malignant breast tumors.While the pasta from durum nepopravlyayutsya, nutritionists still not recommended to use them for dinner, so kakoni contain complex carbohydrates that are digested for a long time.

Gluten free

Some people are allergic to the protein gluten, kotoryysoderzhitsya in rye, barley and wheat.If you have it, you can not upotreblyatmakarony, cereals, cakes, bread and other products in which soderzhitsyamuka.Always double check the gluten content in beverages ipolufabrikatah.Many makaronnyeizdeliya containing the substance, can be replaced with pasta made from buckwheat, corn or rice flour.

each his own

In Russia, Ukraine and many other countries makaronamiprivykli called all kinds of pasta.But this Italian term refers only kkorotkim tubular products.The remaining types are named paste for consistency with their size and shape.For example, spaghetti - rounded, long and thin enough perevodyatsyas Italian as "small rope".Thinner, too long iokruglye Cappellini called "angel hair."Bavette - like splyusnutyespagetti.In total there are about 600 different forms makaronnyhizdely, so the list is very long.

way, referring to much pasta coined svoysous.

little interesnyhfaktov of pasta

  • There is World Day of pasta, which is celebrated on 25 October in 50 countries.
  • In the Russian Empire proizvodstvumakaron first factory was opened in the late 18th century in Odessa.
  • Dried pasta is one of the first products kotoryybyl produced by industrial methods.
  • record for eating pasta PiterDaudesuelu put the Englishman who has eaten for 12.01 seconds 91, 44 m spaghetti.
  • glycemic index pastes from 25 to 45. This is two razamenshe than potatoes.

On prilavkahmagazinov

Sometimes you can get lost in the labels makaron.Odni manufacturers indicate that the pasta made from hard sortovpshenitsy, others - that the pasta made from wholemeal flour, and the third - chtomakarony wholemeal.What is the difference between them?In no deleraznitsy as hard wheat and meal - one that is.

Also, there are mixed wholegrain pasta.In takomsluchae to flour from durum add other cereals (barley, oats) ilibobovye rich in protein (chickpeas, lentils).This is done in order to uvelichitpischevuyu value of the product.Keep in mind that the pasta from other cereals (buckwheat, spelled, brown rice) have a different flavor, different from pasta izvysshih flours.

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