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A variety of vegetable oils: how to choose?

Which oil for what when it is best to use?

Most people use tend to couple vidovrastitelnyh oils: one for cooking, another for salads.But this is not sovsempravilno.The more oil, the better.Nutritionists advise to keep the house 5-6vidov oils and alternate them.The day should be consumed about 1 tablespoon lozhkumasla (any).Then the use of it will be maximum.

Vegetable oil is extracted by pressing.After pressing egofiltruyut and purified.The result is three kinds of vegetable oils: raw, refined and unrefined.The crude oil passes only filtering, so it maksimalnosohraneny all nutrients.It is recommended to use holodnomvide.Crude oil is filtered, defended, then prohoditprotsess hydration and neutralization.Prietom of the nutrients disappear.Refined - comes full protsessochistki: bleaching, deodorization.As a result, it loses bolshuyuchast useful elements.But it is great for frying.

Sunflower oil

in sunflower oil contains many fatty acids to build kotoryeneobhodimy cells maintain immunity, sy

nthesis gormonov.Takzhe it contains proteins (19%), carbohydrates (27%), vitamin E, E and A, antioxidants.In cooking, this oil can be used for almost everything.But dlyagotovyh cold dishes is better to take crude oil to oil saturated aromatom.Chtoby has not lost its taste, it is recommended to store vprohladnom dark place at a temperature of 5 to 20 degrees, carefully vsteklyannoy capacity.For the price it is cheaper than all the other oils.

Olive oil

Recently, it was olive oil polzovatsyabolshoy popularity.It is suitable for salads and various dishes dlyaprigotovleniya.Thanks to its unusual taste it sposobnopridat special taste products.In addition, it is absorbed best ostalnyhmasel.It contains unsaturated fatty acids and "useful" holesterin.Mnogie doctors recommend it for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as in nemsoderzhatsya fatty acids, similar to mother's milk fat.Olivkovoemaslo Regular use protects you from heart sosudistyhzabolevany, obesity and diabetes.

In cooking, it is best to use olive oil dlyaprigotovleniya Mediterranean cuisine: Greek, Italian iliispanskoy.In Europe, this oil is recommended to buy in plastic butylkah.Ono cheaper, its shelf life is less and selling out quickly, so it is always fresh vmagazinah.To the oil has not lost its taste, store it in a cool dark place in a hermetically sealed container.

Linseed oil

Before the advent of sunflower oil, linseed oil was ochenpopulyarnym in Russia.It provides an optimum ratio of fatty acids: linoleic (Omega 6), linolenic (Omega 3), and oleic (omega 9).Vitamin Epomogaet better absorbed According acids.This regular upotreblenielnyanogo oil improves the condition of nails, hair and skin, helps ukrepitnervnuyu system, normalizes the intestine, kidney, thyroid iuluchshaet state at PMS.

In cooking, this small can only be used holodnomvide.It is perfect for sauerkraut and porridges.To oil dolshevam has served, keep it with the lid in the refrigerator, but not boleemesyatsa.

Walnut oil

This oil is very useful.It perfectly combines omegazhirnye acid, B vitamins, A, C, PP, K, E, D, macronutrients (iodine, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, selenium and cobalt), karotonoidy.When regulyarnomupotreblenii walnut oil helps make the skin supple and smooth.Arastitelnye enzymes have a positive impact on the health of men.

In cooking, it is perfectly suited as a filling ksalatam.Also used for marinating meat, desserts, baked goods and sauces takzhedlya hot meals.They can spice up the meat and vegetables, grilled prigotovlennyena.

Mustard oil

This oil contains natural antibiotics, poetomuispolzuetsya to treat colds, burns, wounds.It has a lot of vitamins PP, E, B6 Au, choline and omega-3.Due to this, it promotes the growth of the organism, lactation and increasing the elasticity and strength of the capillary.

In cooking, it is used to make spicy vkusarazlichnym salads, salad, meat and fish dishes.By the way, dishes, this oil kotoryedobavlyaetsya longer do not spoil.And all because masloobladaet bactericidal properties.

Sesame oil

contains a lot of iron, antioxidants, lecithin, vitaminovV1, B2, A, P, calcium and essential fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, stearic).Sesame oil used for the treatment of respiratory systems priprostudah, cough, thrombophlebitis, and for the normalization of schitovidnoyzhelezy.Regular its use helps to relieve stress and tension.

In cooking, it perfectly complements the Asian dishes, sauces, salads, marinades for meat and fish.On a light sesame oil mozhnozharit food.

Pumpkin oil

Pumpkin seed oil has a positive effect on male zdorove.Pri regular use reduces the risk of prostate and takzhenormalizuetsya metabolism.It contains omega-3 and omega 6zhirnye acids, vitamins E and A. In cooking, it is used in the finished mashed potatoes, porridges, soups and snacks (hot and cold).By the way, quality kunzhutnoemaslo never will taste bitter.

Oil vinogradnyhkostochek

rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.Regulyarnoeupotreblenie this oil will improve the structure and tone of your skin, strengthen stenkilimfaticheskih and blood vessels and increase their flexibility.Shirokoispolzuetsya not only in cooking but also for cosmetic anti-cellulite ivarikozom.The cooking is also suitable for filling, for marinating meat irybnyh products and blends well with any vinegar.

Corn oil

is the most resistant to oxidation among rafinirovannyhmasel.It helps to prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis, uluchshaetsostoyanie intestine and liver, gall bladder and recommended for zabolevaniyahnervnoy system.Rich in vitamins E and A. In cooking, it is better for frying vsegoispolzovat.Sometimes it is added to the confectionery and vmayonez.

Soybean oil

Soybean oil is valued for its high content of lecithin -Substance, which is useful for central nervous system and vision.Etomaslo also well-suited for dishes that are cooked in oil.Sales onovstrechaetsya only in refined form.A shelf life of 45 days.

As you can see, a lot of oil.They differ not tolkovkusom, but the amount of nutrients.With the help of oil can raznoobrazitsvoyu everyday food, as well as to strengthen their health.The main thing - the right pravilnopodobrat oil!