Online shopping with BIZZARRO

Now this problem is solved - online-shop BIZZARRO offers Italian clothing of the highest quality.Products are made of fabrics of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and France.The best designers of Italy led by renowned stylist Marco Nicoli work hard to make you happy with your purchase.It is said that Mr Nicoli look'i created for world famous fashion houses such as Valentino, Trussardi, Nicola del Verme, Fendi.Company BIZZARRO gives you the opportunity to order their fine clothes on the Internet.Agree, this is a nice bonus, saving time and power.

Like all happening?

To go into a virtual shopping tour, you do not need anything except a computer, internet and free time.You roughly know what you want?Excellent!Still undecided?Do not be afraid, you do not jostle at the fitting room and other buyers do not look reproachfully consultants.You may end up with nothing to choose - and in this case will not feel embarrassed in front of a seller who carefully helped you re-measure the entire range of the store.

As an example we can say about the online store authentic Italian clothing BIZZARRO.By accessing the site and selecting the tab online shop, you will understand without difficulty what's what.In order to study all collections - news of the week, a line of accessories, are interested in selling out.Stop, for example, on the board - and now mentally represent himself on almost every model.Choose the option that attracted you most to learn it more - the site provides all the information on the composition of the product, taking care of them, the dimension line.

Doubting, leafing through a dress on a dress, you eventually realize that you have found what you were looking for - and then you can safely make a purchase.Payment is made by credit card - on the site all described in detail and clearly.Have to wait for the order of 2 to 7 days, - depending on whether a method of delivery is selected, its value depends on the weight and your region.BIZZARRO offers a very favorable action - if the amount of your order exceeds 5000 rubles, for the delivery of charge.In addition, the courier will bring your order to you directly to your home - no more hassle to obtain a parcel!

You can select not only one thing - much more interesting to make the finished package, for example, by the coat, add the dress and accessories - stoles, belts, bags, all this can be found in the online shop.Designers have prepared a lot of interesting images - you can choose one of them, or experiment yourself.All information provided by the model is 100% consistent with global trends - it takes care of Marco Nicoli, chief designer of the brand BIZZARRO.

If the regular store of new arrivals often have to wait months, the online shop BIZZARRO new items can be found every week - it's much easier to find if you already know exactly what you are looking for.

How to avoid mistakes?

most important choice that you have to do - is to select the size.Do not rely on the fact that once had 44 or 46 - the parameters have changed in any direction, and the dimension of the line at many firms do not coincide.The online shop BIZZARRO a special mesh, which clearly spelled out what kind of data correspond to what size.Take the time to take a measuring tape and make all the required measurements - it is better to spend ten minutes for it to be safe than to be upset that your favorite thing is wide at the hips or vice versa, narrowish.

It's simple - you need to know the exact details of his rise, chest, waist and hips.

What if all the same thing is not liked?

Do not worry.As in any other store, you can return BIZZARRO product that you did not accept, and return the money within 14 days - as if the only problem is the size, can be easily exchanged for larger or smaller, subject to availability.All the detailed procedures for exchange and refund is described on the site - if necessary, you can always turn to online consultant.

Advantages online shop speak for themselves - you can now make purchases without leaving the apartment.Do not waste your time and nerves travel to the shopping centers in search of this fine Italian clothes - your favorite things from BIZZARRO already near you!

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