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Fashion designer Slava Zaitsev

Since 1965, for 13 years he worked in Moscow at the All-Union House of clothes located on Kuznetsky Most.During this period, designed costumes for television, film, stage, theater, skating on the orders.

in 1979 was replaced by the All-Union House of models on a small atelier.In 1982 Zaitsev created from a Moscow fashion house, headed it and directed it until now.

In 1988, VM Zaitsev has been granted the right to display collections of Paris Mezom de Couture.Russian artist was awarded this honor for the first time.In the world of fashion Slava Zaitsev he was named Man of the Year and awarded the title of honorary citizen of Paris.

In 1991, Zaitsev received an order to create a new form for the police officers, for which he was awarded the title of Honored Artist.

In 1992 he published a book was published about Zaitsev in English under the title "Nostalgia for the beauty of" publishing "news".In the wake of her publishing house "image" has published a book of his poems and drawings titled "I owe ever

ything to Providence."In one of the branches of cosmetic company L'ORÉAL has been launched production of the first perfume designer Zaitsev "Marusya", and then a new line project Zaitsev "Maroussia", which includes lotions, creams, soaps, deodorants.

In Belgium, in 1993 came the publication experimental batch of chairs created by Russian designer sketches.Zaitsev created a collection of clothing "haute couture" of fabric and fur, in cooperation with the French company "Reviyon."

Since 1993 Slava Zaitsev is president and chairman of the jury of the annual competition of domestic fabrics and collections of models in Ivanovo "Textile Salon".The activities included seminars Zaitsev, consultations artists, the organization of the festival "Children's Fashion" in the city of Ivanovo, participated in the graduation of students ISTA.

in Russia in 1994 was marked by holding the first contest of young fashion them.N. Lomanova.In addition, Zaitsev contests headed "Velvet Seasons in Sochi", "Golden Needle" (children's creative collectives of Fashion), "Exercise" (a competition of students and teachers of sewing schools and colleges).Despite his busy schedule, Zaitsev is active and leads to creative work by young artists, designers and fashion designers.Activities Zaitsev - a kind, selfless work in the name of Russian intelligentsia, for the prosperity and development of talented people.

Throughout creativity Zaitsev thinks and acts extraordinary, multifaceted.He is a man of fine nature, in love with his homeland.In his work he seeks harmony of form and content, an appropriate aesthetic and moral views of society in this period of human development.He is driven by a desire to prove that a person can not just create beauty, but also serve as a model of beauty, not just litter the environment - society and nature.A person can be admired other people's perfection of form and variety of color palettes.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev has created many costumes for a variety of films, performances staged in the theaters of Moscow, as well as for singers and bands.Moscow Fashion House led Zaitseva became a center of education and the formation of good taste, and engaged in propaganda of beauty fashion theater Zaitseva in the most spectacular form.Thanks to the efforts Zaitsev Russian Fashion has the world level on a par with trendsetters such as Italy and France.Tours of the theater take place in Canada, Finland, USA, Germany, India, Sweden, Austria, Italy and others.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev was married to Marina Vladimirovna Zaitseva.He has a son Yegor Vyacheslavovich Zaitsev (also a designer) and grandson Nastya Zaitseva and Marusya Zaitsev.