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Recipes at a dietary food

least a couple of minutes in an hour, if we do not sleep.And these thoughts relate, as a rule, the topics: how to have a meal in a hurry - because a lot of things and more necessary to have time.And if the young organism forgives a careless attitude, you become a little older, we have unwittingly devote more time to the time of the power to stay fresh and healthy.And then we begin to understand that a good idea would be to start a diet.

Many are afraid of the word diet, but in fact it is just the way of life, when we use a group of certain rules in the use of food, a certain mode and ritual food.

The goals in the diet, may be different.And diet can be divided into two broad categories: rational and treatment.Let's talk about diets rational.Many of these diets are aimed at combating obesity, it is usually low-calorie diets, such diets and every one of us, of course, I tried to apply.While such diets be better for each person individually in consultation with a nutritionist.But in general, stick to a ra

tional diet beneficial to any of us, because its special diet depends on the person's age, and the nature of their professional activities (load mentally or physically), a way of life and even sex differences!

What it is important to know when dietary?

First of all, the composition of products and the number of calories to eat a variety of foods, for all of the most important trace elements ingested daily.Some interesting recipes we give below, and now a few words about the trace elements, which should nourish our body on a daily basis.It

: vegetable fats, little animals (preferably unrefined olive oil);vitamins, minerals, fiber (fruits and vegetables);calcium and protein (milk products, cottage cheese, cheese, nuts) and iron (meat, pomegranate, sesame).

And do not forget to drink water throughout the day can be mineral, but it is better aerated.

These products, each of us, one way or another, consume every day, because the body "asks" the power it needs.When dietary most important thing is not to abuse by some individual products: eat different foods, and in a small volume, limit yourself to eating fatty meat, buns and sweet foods, and it is important to eat regularly, preferably at the same time each day, and carefullychew food.In time the body is not overloaded and is prepared in advance to receive the food, releasing the necessary resources, and receives as much energy as needed.

one simple rule: chew every bite 48 times - deliver you from overeating.Try at least a week to eat properly and measured, and you really see with your own eyes the results.And finally some useful recipes at a dietary food that will please not only our body!Recipes diet include breakfast, usually a combination of cereals and fruits.

Oatmeal with apples.

Products : 1 tbsp.Spoon oatmeal, milk 3 tbsp.spoon the juice of half a lemon, med1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon of nuts.spoon, 2 apples.

To prepare this dish, soak the oats soak in the evening in three spoons of milk, chime, add the lemon juice, honey, apples, nuts.Mix all and serve.

Hercules with berries .

Products : rolled oats 2 tbsp.spoons, 4 tbsp.tablespoons of boiled water, 1 tbsp honey.spoon fresh berries pureed 200 g chopped walnuts 2 tbsp.spoon.

Soak oats in Article 4.l.5 minutes on the water is then added 1 tbsp.l.200 g of honey and berries with finely chopped nuts.

Munk with apples and carrots.

Products : semolina 2 tbsp.spoons, 4 tbsp.tablespoons of boiled water, 1 tbsp honey.spoon 2 tablespoons.tablespoons carrots, two apples grated walnuts, chopped 2 tbsp.l ..

semolina soaked in cold water.We leave it for five minutes.Then add the grated apples, grated carrot, chopped walnuts and honey then.Mix and do not forget to chew when dietary.

Boiled rice with apples .

Products : 1 cup rice, 2 cups water, 2 tbsp.tablespoons butter, 2 - 3 apples, 2 tbsp.spoons of honey, 2 - 3 apples, 1 cup sour cream, vanilla, lemon peel, berries for decoration.

To make such a mess, rinse the rice, cover with boiling water.Then simmer open pan 8 - 10 minutes.Cover with the lid and let stand up for 15 minutes in a warm place.Rub a large peeled apples, peel and mix with rice, which is a bit cold.Toss with 1 tablespoon of honey.You can make individual servings form.Whip cream with vanilla and add a second spoonful of honey.When you serve, pour the table cream individual portions.

delicious recipes casseroles.

Fast cheese casserole with carrots .

Products : 500 g cottage cheese, 1 kg of carrots, 2 tablespoons.spoons of rice and 0.5 cups of water, 3 eggs, 0.5 cups milk, half a cup of sour cream, a little salt.

To make a rice pudding to loop through and rinse, then soak for 2 hours - 3 in cold water.Carrot peel and cut into strips.Grated cheese, carrots and soaked rice, stir together and season with salt.Arrange on a baking sheet, then put in the oven heated to 180 degrees already, bake for 20 minutes.Pour the surface casseroles eggs mixed with milk and bake for 10 - 15 minutes.When you bring to the table, you can add sour cream and herbs.

broccoli casserole .

Products : 500 g broccoli, kohlrabi 400 g, 60 g of hard cheese, a pod of red pepper, sour cream 100 ml, greens;for the sauce - 30 g flour, 40 g butter, half a liter of milk, pepper, salt to taste.

to cook casseroles, first disassemble the broccoli into florets, cauliflower cut into quarters and then into slices.Blanch broccoli with cauliflower in boiling water, salted, 5 minutes, then fold in a colander and rinse quickly with cold water.Form for baking grease.Put the vegetables.Pepper cut into small cubes.Next, prepare the sauce: sauté the flour in the oil.Slowly pour in the milk, stir, then boil the sauce, pepper and salt.Pour the sauce over the vegetables.Sprinkle them with grated cheese and sweet pepper.Bake in oven already heated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes.Serve with sour cream and herbs.

Another recipe at a dietary food:

Kvass apple pears .

It's very simple: a kilo of dried fruit from apples and pears, pour boiling water, add 100 grams of raisins, and 100 grams of sugar.Get out in a dark place for a day.And your brew is ready.These dried fruits can be reused.