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Plant foods for muscle growth

no secret that, visiting sports clubs, many women especially set themselves the task as quickly as possible to lose "extra" kilos.But in order to pass training at the right level and muscle performance remained high enough to perform a variety of complex exercise, our body has to constantly get from food about 100 - 120 grams of protein a day.Animal food is able to provide the required amount of protein, but it will inevitably put in our body, and some fat (with the possible exception of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese), which is not very desirable process for those wishing to lose weight quickly.Protein-containing plant foods, in addition to the ability to maintain performance and ensure the growth of muscles, has another important advantage - it compared to products of animal origin contain very little fat.

The most important types of plant foods that can be used for cooking in order to ensure the growth of muscles, should be primarily attributed legumes - peas, bean, beans.In quantitative protein

content, they are not inferior to even the basic meat products.But the fat they contain a very small amount.

use plant food for muscle growth can be achieved and at the expense of some of the new trends in the technology of preparation of intermediates.Recently received such widespread dietary products in which meat ingredients fully or partially replaced soybean products - crops, which also has a high content useful for us protein.Of course, many housewives are not particularly enthusiastic about the taste of plant foods such as soy burgers, but to maintain muscle growth and restricting the excess calories in our body such products are very suitable substitute for ordinary animal foods high in fat.In addition, the use of plant foods, cooked soy-based help some save the family budget, which is also important.

However referred beans or peas are good in carbohydrates, which will also bring to our organism is sufficiently high number of calories.However, these will be very useful carbohydrates for energy, due to which the work is carried out muscles during exercise.Therefore, dishes from a plant food is still better to eat in the morning, because then all the carbohydrates consumed have time to split up and end products with the release of energy.

But does all of the above, it should be completely abandon the use of animal food as a source of protein for muscle growth?Of course, no.Moreover, plant foods, though capable of providing a flow of proteins in the human body, but some amino acids (which make up all proteins) it may be in very small quantities or absent altogether.Therefore overreliance plant foods also have a negative impact on the process of muscle growth.Thus, to maintain the body in the normal physical state and to provide muscle growth after intensive training often necessary to include in the diet foods of plant origin, which is rich in protein and also substantially free of high-calorie fats.Using this approach, the organization of power and at the same time visit the sports section will allow as soon as possible to get rid of excess body weight and growth of muscles.

And, of course, it goes without saying that during the cooking of plant foods is desirable to use the least possible amount of extra fat.In the worst case is permissible to add to a salad spoon low-calorie mayonnaise or sour cream with low fat content.If the taste of food from plant foods you at first seem not quite satisfactory - this is not a reason to be upset.At these moments, better remember that the rational organization of food will help you quickly get rid of the "extra" kilos and support muscle growth that will give harmony and fit your figure.

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