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She believes that it is not necessary to buy a very expensive cream from reputable companies.You may recall an ordinary sour cream.She takes it and with nothing confusing, making a mask on the face.The effect is stunning.It is useful, in her opinion, to wash the face with ice, which she prepares from chamomile solution.Hunger itself not Morita, not sitting on a diet.Do not eat meat, eat less salt, sugar.

Natalya Varley

Varley is engaged in gymnastics, there is a set of exercises with elements of yoga stretching muscles.He believes that the body is nothing more useful than a bath.To cleanse the skin cleanses the body with salt, then purifies the body cream with salt.The best facial mask is plain cream.To mask wash face with hot water, then put on the face a thick layer of sour cream, and when the layer is absorbed, imposes another.Wash away the mask with warm water.

Catherine Deneuve

age, less use cosmetics, but more skin care.The less makeup on her face, the less re

ad all the signs of age.The most important thing - it is using hypnosis to quit smoking, which is very good effect on the skin.Catherine is the company "Yves Saint Laurent" never tans and skin pays a lot of attention.Regular skin care and takes daily vitamins and minerals.Sama makes daily makeup.Focuses on the lips and eyelashes, they determine the facial expression.A little eyeliner and lightly tints eyelashes.Prefers a moisturizing lipstick, they give lips shine and look more natural.Dislikes colored shadows on the eyelids, unless golden beige.It uses tinted cream powder.

walks on foot and lead a healthy lifestyle.In the dream takes no less than 8 hours per day, it is an indispensable means to preserve the beauty.Every week to maintain the shape is engaged with a group of women in gymnastics, in its opinion, these lessons are very effective.Catherine Deneuve supporter of healing the body with the help of trace elements, vitamins, and naturopathy.For it is the source of peace of mind and energy.Over the weekend, leaving the city, where she visited a club with sauna.And the Institute of Beauty Yves Saint Laurent does pedicures, manicures and massages.He believes that if the woman legs and hands in order, even if the hair is not combed, then it's not scary.

When Catherine quit smoking before it faced the problem of weight.Losing weight is easy, but maintaining a stable weight is experiencing difficulties.After tempering sits on a diet, do not eat after dinner dessert and do without sugar.Before you take pictures fasting day - drink fruit juice or vegetable broth drinks, eats nothing.Moved to a separate food.Not only consume meat or combines it with carbohydrate foods.Eats eggs from their own chickens.

Sophia Loren

drink a day 7 cups of water, it considers that the water is very good for the skin.Sophia is doing this procedure: in a small bowl with ice water plunges into her face.That the skin was soft and smooth to the bath adds a pinch of dried mint leaves.Eat three times, slowly, never bites.A lot of walking on foot.This is the most effective and easy exercise.

Edita Peha

Each day begins with a contrast shower.He is a good charge that gives energy.Not interested in flour and sweet, moderation in eating, following the diet.The diet consists of fruit and vegetable blend, sprouted grains.

Cher (rock star 66 years) .

According Cher, she is struggling with old age with the help of good cosmetics and vitamins.In his later years, she has been every day, 4 hours charging.

to look good, it is possible to adopt some of the tips of the stars.