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Actress Irina Muravyov

Birthday actress Irina Muravyova - February 8, 1949.Actress - Muscovite.She was born in a family of intelligent and educated military engineer.Dad went to Irina font volunteered and participated in the liberation of those who hijacked the Germans captured.And such was his mother Irene.Belarusian young Nazis stole, and she did not even know that in the end, on German soil will welcome happiness in the face of a soldier Vadim.

childhood home child

Muravyova have an older sister, who was born in 1947.The girls were friendly and mannered.Mama Irina always see to it that the house was clean and beautiful, and her girls are dressed in the most beautiful dresses that she sewed their own hands.However, it is worth noting that Irene was brought up not only the purity and beauty, but also in severity.For example, my mother did not allow them to walk after school and when classes ended at fifteen hours, then at half past have all had to sit at home at the dinner table.And when winter Irina with her sister wen

t to the rink, my mother was with them and ensure that daughters are not molested boys.

Perhaps someone such a life would not have liked it, but the future actress was quite happy.She grew up a home child, loved to play with dolls, by the way, up to the ninth grade.And she just loved children and believed that when he grows up, it is sure to become a teacher.But when Muraveva grew up, she realized that she wanted to be an actress.And it happened just in the middle of the street.Woman suddenly dawned on such things inspiration and she suddenly decided precisely and clearly what it wants to be.

Home path actress

worth noting that his dream Muraveva achieved immediately.In the first year, she filed documents in many universities, but to do so and could not.But Irina is not desperate, I spent a year and went to try his luck again.At this time, it still took to the studio at the Children's Theatre.There was a small competition, and could only do Muscovites.Irina disaccustomed due time and stayed to work in the theater.First, she received roles in the crowd, or men.But precisely in this theater actress she met her husband - the director of the theater Leonid Eidlin.In marriage they had two sons.

Star cinema

If we talk about the career of a television actress, something long enough, Irina played only in the drama and her no one paid attention.Everything changed after the TV series "People are different."The girl was invited to audition in the movie "Midsomer Murders."It should be noted that samples only the director liked it and he persuaded the whole Council that Irina can only play the role of Susanna.

In 1977, Irina realized that the roles that offer her in the Children's Theatre does not satisfy the desires and ambitions of the actress, so she went to serve in the theater Mossovet.There, she played many interesting roles.But the stunning success Irina came after the beloved and unforgettable, Oscar-winning film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears".Due to the role of Ludmila Sviridov, Muravyov became popular all over the Soviet Union.Until today, the audience love her cheerful character, a girl who always knew how to find the positive side of the situation and get the benefit.
Although it is worth noting that Irina herself does not like her character, because he believes it is too obtrusive and vulgar.But, nevertheless, it is an image beloved by audiences for decades.

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