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Actress Catherine Kopanova

Catherine Kopanova
It should be noted that all her efforts were not in vain in 2006 Kopanova began to study in WTU Shchukin.She had to live modestly in a student dormitory.Kate got on course to Poglazovu Vladimir Petrovich, who scored on a course of children from neighboring countries.At first it was difficult to learn, because Poklazov insisted that she needed to lose weight or she will not get the roles, except for moms and a babysitter.Kilograms which she lost a month to go back.

Reporters who speak with the artists, always wondered why this person chose this profession.Catherine Kopanova grew backstage, her parents worked ballet dancers.When she was a child, the parents realized that her daughter will not be a ballerina.But they knew the true optimists - that is not done, all the better.

Kopanovoy many paintings accrue as inconspicuous girls, but she likes to play the role of honest, good characters, who are looking for happiness.The actress will be doubly happy if someone after seeing the

picture will understand that the appearance is not the most important thing.Katherine is convinced that you need to be a natural and positive, then you will be pulled to people.With regard to external data it has never been complexes.

To avoid repetition, Catherine Kopanova one time refused roles with failed personal life.But when tired of sitting and waiting for some interesting roles, she has agreed to a role in the series "Cream", because it was necessary to work with.

Kopanova in 2006 starred in the film "Out of flame and light," where she played a minor role.In the same year she starred in the film "Love as Love", "Union without sex", "Hour 21, or thought positively necessary."

Then Catherine got a big surprise.She was given the lead role in the comedy "Waiting for the Miracle", and it is the second year career.In 2007, Catherine starred in two films.In 2008, she starred in various dramas and movies as much as 8 roles.In the same year, Catherine Kopanovoy offered to star in the TV series "The Engagement Ring" in the role of Vasilisa.In this series she starred for 4 years.

In 2009, Catherine starred in two motion pictures, one of them "Cream", where she received the lead role.Very successful for Kopanovoy began in 2010.This year, she was given three main roles in the film "Toys", "Let them talk," "In the forests and mountains."In 2011, she took the lead role in the movie "The Ugly Duckling."Currently, Catherine starred in the comedy "Striped flight, and everything will be new."Will it be released in 2013.

Pasha With her husband she met in Sevastopol 2 years ago.Strolling along the promenade, I saw him in the company of cute sailors.Pasha seemed to her a sincere and good man.Kate walked over and gave him his phone number with a note, "If you want, then give me a call!".He called a few days later, and after a few months they were married.Paul then told her that he was stunned and intrigued by her behavior.

the weekend, Kate and her husband love to go to restaurants and try the chicken wings and salad "Caesar".Kate loves to cook, cook real Ukrainian borsch.Learn to make lasagna, so much so that Yum.Knows how to bake cakes "Honey," "Napoleon," he knows how to cook meat.She believes that the house was unacceptable empty fridge and an empty pan.Katerina better get up at 5 am before the shooting, but prepare for the husband and the first and second, so that it did not go away hungry to work.Paul works as a lawyer.Wife partners, he is not jealous, it's just a job.For the sake of the profession Katherine does not want to sacrifice everything to her and fully given.She believes that women in the first place should be a family and children.