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Why pregnancy does not occur more than a year?

causes of infertility may be hiding in a woman and a man.Women often suffer from hormonal or gynecological problems, hypertension and stress.The negative influence and the difficulty of being overweight and having bad habits.

problems in men can be caused by genetic or hormonal factors, a small number of active sperm, low cross seminiferous canals, traumatic or surgical effects on reproductive organs, and all the same bad habits.

situation when the family can not conceive a child often leads to depression and poor family relationships.Stress, depression, depression, psychological distress due to the inability to conceive a baby will help to relieve the experienced family psychologist.

However, there may be much deeper reasons why pregnancy does not occur.Detect or exclude them may antenatal clinic.The survey results should shed light on the cause of infertility.But analysis revealed the condition of the female body and in what direction to treat.

Experts recommend to continuously monitor ovulation s

chedule.This is due to the fact that conception occurs mainly between 2 days before and after ovulation.Usually ovulation accounts for 13 day cycle, but it may be earlier.It can identify by means of tests or independently, carefully watching the character mucus throughout the menstrual cycle.

Watch also menstrual cycles.If they are not regular, it means that may not ovulate.This condition is easily cured specialist.

Remember, regular periods are indicative of the normal functioning of the ovaries.

Keep a schedule of basal temperature, in order to understand whether ovulation occurs.This will show an increase in temperature.With it, you can also determine the level of progesterone.At conception, it is important that the level of progesterone in women was high, what should testify fever after ovulation.

Turn in all the tests, according to the survey go to your doctor's instructions.Do not be afraid to question the doctor about past sex life.Be sure to tell the truth about infectious diseases, operations, drug and alcohol addiction, a previous pregnancy, about how the developing embryo, about delivery.Do not be afraid to talk about the nature of sexuality, how often and how to have sex.For a doctor, it is important to obtain and evaluate information to find the cause of infertility.

will need to be tested for the level of progesterone in the body.In addition, the doctor will prescribe postcoital test, which is carried out after 7-9 hours after intercourse.This study of vaginal mucus, which may have the ability to kill sperm.

If these analyzes prove inadequate for the purpose of adequate therapy, will have to undergo a thorough examination at the hospital, where he completed a survey of the thyroid gland, an extended analysis of blood and karyotype.Last reveal or rule out chromosomal abnormalities in humans.

Immunological research carried out for the study of individual incompatibility laparoscopy - to remove adhesions in the fallopian tubes.

by male semen analysis should be done and examined by an andrologist.It found violations in the number and mobility of sperm.Note that a huge amount of sperm is also a pathology.

If the doctor did not find any abnormalities that could explain the impossibility of conceiving more than a year, still refer to another specialist, perhaps he will have a more qualified assistance.

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