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The first visit to the gynecologist during pregnancy

There is a category of women who wish to register to the gynecologist for the first day of a missed period or others who stand on the account for the month prior to delivery.Such extremes are unreasonable and do not find excuses.It is best to get registered to a gynecologist about the eighth week of pregnancy, and not to delay the deadline until the twelfth week.Why such a limited time frame?This is for three reasons:

  • early diagnosis of pregnancy eliminates ectopic pregnancy;
  • in the first three months it is possible to make a complete diagnosis of the expectant mother and the child and medical treatment if necessary;
  • extra spending cash in early rising registration or express delivery of tests and completion of all procedures when visiting a doctor later.

There is some compensation (benefit) expectant mothers who stand on the account to the gynecologist to twelve weeks of pregnancy, in the amount of one minimum wage (SMIC).

first visit to a gynecologist, you will need:

  • passport.
  • Medical documentary substantiation, such as discharge from the hospital about the history of disease (if they were hospitalized earlier), the results of previous research and analysis, medical specialists conclusion (you can provide photocopies of the originals).
  • need to constantly take a gynecologist card exchange, which will be given to you after you stand on the account.This card is the basic document of the pregnant woman.
  • Before visiting an obstetrician-gynecologist, you can compile a list of questions and write the final recommendations in a notebook.
  • you will need a diaper and disposable gloves.

need to know when you have had a last menstrual period, her character and duration of the current menstrual cycle.In order to avoid the risk of termination of pregnancy, you should pay a visit to the gynecologist in those days that was not to be menstruating on calendar calculations, if you have not been pregnant.Those days that should have been menstruation, considered dangerous for the development of the future child, and intervention and the survey may cause a threat of miscarriage.To avoid the risk must be marked on the calendar intended days of menstruation.

without showing shyness Ask your doctor about the peculiarities of sexual activity during pregnancy and not to conceal information about your health.Do not be afraid of condemnation gynecologist, he will tell you and help in various matters, if he is qualified.

Do not be afraid to gynecological examination and setting yourself up for unpleasant and painful sensations.It is necessary to exclude sexual intercourse in the last days, becauseassays may be incorrect, due to the potential presence of semen in the vagina.It is necessary to have an empty bladder and bowel movements, astheir content may interfere with the normal assessment of the state of the reproductive system during the inspection.It is necessary to take a shower.Put on clean clothes.It is necessary to go to the toilet again, if the visit to the doctor is delayed due to long queues or long trip.When

intimate cleaning procedures do not douche, asit violates the microflora of the vagina, and finally the test results will show incorrect results, and the doctor can not determine the nature of vaginal discharge.

most important - you must have the full confidence of the doctor, positive attitude and commitment to the birth of a healthy baby.In order to be calm and confident in the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth the future, you need a responsible approach to the choice of doctor and clinic, which will be monitoring the progress of your pregnancy.