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Out of leave to care for a child

To avoid conflicts with superiors unfounded, it is necessary to agree with them in advance, when you come out of a maternity leave.Better course, in advance and in writing to warn the authorities that you wish to return to work by interrupting maternity leave.

usually desire to interrupt the maternity leave comes from a woman, it is her personal initiative.To go to work, women need to write a statement in which she indicated that she wanted to interrupt the maternity leave and return to their work responsibilities.Authorities expressed their agreement as follows: on the written statement of a woman placed a visa, which indicates that a woman can go to work.Personnel, referring to a statement made in accordance ordered the necessary changes.

But it is worth considering that if a woman is not completely was done on maternity leave, she has the right to go on vacation again (until her child turns 3 years old) to bring up the child.If a woman who went to work there was a need to take advantage of the rema

ining time of maternity leave, it gives the employer a written statement which indicates its desire.This woman must necessarily remain the employer confirmed the statement.Saved statement is a guarantee that a woman on maternity leave for a child that has no three years, will not be fired for serious misconduct, in other words, for absenteeism.Therefore, when faced with such a situation must be carefully made in writing any agreement with the employer.It is desirable that in the hands was a copy of the document, whether it is an application or order, bearing a visa.After a verbal agreement has no legal force.Such an agreement will exist only as long as the employer wants, but as soon as it becomes uncomfortable to lay hold of such an agreement, he will forget about it.

As a rule, the employee is caring for a child, while on leave in its place is taken another employee with whom an employment contract.Typically, in such an employment contract or an order for admission to a certain position there is a point at which it is said that an employee takes a job on a temporary basis.

employment relationship with the new employee be terminated after the employee leaves the holiday.It is worth noting that in a particular situation the general rule that an employee should be warned in writing of the expiration of the employment contract three days before the dismissal does not apply.On termination of the employment agreement indicates an order or orders of the employer, then the employee in the workbook corresponding entry.

usually the last day of an employee who works under an employment contract and the day the employee who was on vacation, the same.As a rule, this should be reflected in the attendance records of time that the employee is at work.

remind, to avoid conflict with the authorities, must always clearly spell out its own operation.It is necessary to negotiate with the authorities, when you come to work, when to finish the job.Remember, all these details should be spelled out in the document (it may be a separate agreement, an annex to the employment contract, a special order), and signed by the authorities.If such documents are not issued in your company, then your application manager must affix a visa and to sign a "no objection".