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Medicinal properties of raspberry

Which diseases raspberries used for medicinal purposes?
syrup made from raspberries, used for pain in the stomach, and to improve appetite.In folk medicine, these berries have long been known as one of the best diaphoretic.Medicinal properties of raspberry are used in the fight against colds - a sore throat, flu, bronchitis.When treating coughing raspberry found use as an expectorant.

raspberries are often used with other herbs in the various medical fees.
From overripe berries and rastёrtyh finished cosmetic mask for sensitive skin, and raspberry leaves are used for the removal of blackheads and pimples.
decoction of raspberry flowers is used in the treatment of eye inflammation.

How to collect raspberries?
If you want to prepare a raspberry in the winter for use in medical purposes, the fruits should be collected in dry weather, Early in the morning or in the evening.Harvested fruit should be laid in shallow baskets, avoiding contact with twigs and leaves .. It is not enough ripe or over-ripe ras
pberry fruit should not be collected.

How to prepare raspberries for medicinal purposes?
raspberries can prepare for the winter in the form of jam, juice, sugar syrup.For harvesting berries in their dried form, first podvyalivayut in the sun, and then placed in a special dryer or warm (but not hot!) Oven or oven.If dried raspberry quality, then when touched to them they should not leave marks on the skin of the fingers.To the dried berries have not deteriorated as much as possible and kept their medicinal properties, should be stored in a dry place in canvas bags or drawers lined with paper food.

However, be aware that the harvesting berries for medicinal purposes only use wild-growing wild raspberries.Garden varieties of plants, tend to have larger berries, but have a much less pronounced healing properties.

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