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How to remove the internal stress, relax

Imagine that you come home depressed and helpless condition.You do not want anything, just filled up in bed and fall asleep for a long time, and as tightly as possible.But it will not help you fully recover lost energy during the day.Lie down as you prefer on the bed, take it easy, relax, think about the good, soak a couple of minutes.Then stand up, shake.Right hand (as you nice) in a circular motion massage currently top of the head, and left clockwise caress his belly, then massage behind the ears, but try to do it very gently and carefully, so that your ears are not red.

Lie down with closed eyes on the back.Imagine a green field, clear blue skies, fragrant flowers, beautiful birds sitting on a branch.Feel the smell of flowers and singing birds.

For those who can not immediately remove the internal stress and calm down, we have some other recommendations.First, to become calmer, you need to sit down with closed eyes and imagine something or someone you love, imagine how all of the negative energy ou
t of you, and dissolves in the air.Then stand up, will run in place, lean forward and then back.When he came home from you a headache, and you can not even read a single line from the book to the headache is gone you need thumbs up and rubbed the bottom of his ears.

This method helps in some cases, but if it does not help you, you can use another method.With both hands, stroking his head from the forehead to the nape.When the pain in the muscles of the body you have to massage every muscle, but, as you need to massage each finger and toe point located in the middle finger.

When insomnia and internal stresses need to take 10-15 drops of valerian, take a bath with a decoction of valerian root (Valerian root for it to boil for 15 minutes, infuse for 1 hour, then strain and pour the broth into the bath).Must be in the bath for 10-15 minutes, the bath temperature should be 35-36? C.

Every evening take 10% tincture of motherwort, cooked in a thermos for a month in 18-19 hours and 21-23 hours for half a cup of infusion Leonurus.Try to sleep on a bed that is packed full of hop cones or wormwood.Before going to bed drink a glass of hot milk with honey, and you'll soon notice the improvement of health.
Take care of yourself.