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Hygiene of hands and nails

Hands should be washed before going to bed, and certainly in the morning after sleep.And if you go outside, coming home is required to wash your hands.Hands should be washed with hot water, but not cold.Washing your hands with cold water, your skin may start to peel off the hands and become rigid.

to warn nails from contamination during the work in the garden or during cleaning of the apartment, you can begin to scratch the nails a piece of soap, so that it remains under the nails.And when you're done just rinse the brush nails.

If you work outdoors or if your work is connected with water, spread the hands of lard or Vaseline.If your hands become dry and rough, lubricate them with grease, petroleum jelly or glycerine.Rub these funds should be washed into the wet skin.After rubbing of these funds, it is necessary to wipe dry hands.

Often our hands become dry from the wind and cold to keep your hands and to warn them of the dryness, always wear gloves or mittens.If you do not treat your hands from dryne
ss, then your fingers, and often on the joints may appear small cracks.These cracks are very painful and will bring you a lot of inconvenience.

In no case do not wash your hands with warm water in the winter before going out without gloves.If you have still these cracks, you can take a clean cloth and soak it with fat cream or vegetable oil use.This rag you must bind to the wound.Dressings do morning and evening.After 2 or 3 days, your cracks disappear.

Every woman faced with this disease as a fragile and brittle nails.The disease mostly occurs because of the frequent contact with water and soap.If you begin to notice that your nails become brittle, stop for a while in an alkaline wash water.Before going to bed do not forget to put a fat cream for hands and nails.

In order to get your hands were beautiful, and do not forget to take care of nails.Therefore, every day wash your nail brush and soap and water.In order to remove the accumulated dirt under the fingernails.If you want your nails are shiny and smooth, wipe them with lemon or vinegar.

Knowing proper hand hygiene and nails, you can keep your hands always beautiful.

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