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Medicinal properties of blueberries

Which diseases blueberries are used for medicinal purposes?
Freshly picked blueberries are an effective antiscorbutic (the therapeutic effect is due to a high content of vitamin C in the fruit).Fresh berries blueberry juice give patients in fevers, as well as for the prevention of vitamin deficiency.Medicinal properties of berries blueberry are also expressed in the ability of these fruits to increase gastric secretion and increase the digestive capacity of gastric juice, which is used in enterocolitis, gastric catarrh, pyelitis.Eating fresh berries blueberry recommended for dysentery.

blueberry leaves are used to prepare decoctions, used as a laxative.Broth with twigs and leaves is useful in diseases of the heart.

How to prepare folk remedies of blueberries?
To prepare a decoction of the leaves of blueberry, proceed as follows: take two tablespoons of leaves, pour them a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes.After standing for one hour the broth filtered.To achieve therapeutic effect deco
ction of leaves blueberry take one tablespoon of from 4 to 6 times per day.

For an infusion of one teaspoon of dried berry fruit blueberry pour a glass of boiled water, and then filtered.Take an infusion every two hours one tablespoon.

Fruits blueberries are eaten both fresh and processed form.Of these, prepare jam, juice, fruit compote.

Why blueberry is called "drunk"?
Sometimes you can hear the assertion that the blueberry has intoxicating effect, and allegedly in the use of its berries as food headache.This misconception is based on the fact that in places growing blueberries is common Labrador tea, essential oils which have a stupefying effect.During blueberry picking people can actually feel worse, but not because of the medical berries, and because of the smell of wild rosemary.

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