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Why does the common cold?

Misconception №1.Cold - a major cause of the common cold.

Argued that we catch a cold, usually due to the fact that mёrznem.However, this is not true.Naturally, if the body is severely weakened, hypothermia can cause the development of the disease.However, if the person is well hardened, the cold is not terrible.In addition, despite the fact that the peak of disease occurs in the autumn / winter, that is just for the cold season, the blame for this is not even the winds and frost.Just colder in the streets, the more time we spend indoors, where viruses are actively proliferate - and that the real culprits of the common cold.Therefore, sitting at home, do not be surprised, why does not pass the common cold.

Misconception №2.Age is not connected to colds.

In reality, people with age becoming less colds.If babies and kids up to 16 years suffer about 10 times a year, and the adults - no more than 5 times, the older people are experiencing similar malaise very rare - about 2 times a year.It turns cold

and grandparents get round.Scientists believe that this is due to immune experience that "gets" the human body and which in the future will help to cope with colds.

Misconception №4.If the high temperature, it is impossible to take a shower.

It is a very common misconception, and the point here is this: as a rule, we do a hot shower or bath that provoke jump in temperature.As a result, it is believed that any water treatment for colds contraindicated.And by the way, that's not true: go through the pores of the toxins produced by the body in the course of the disease, and clean the skin with a bath or shower is not only possible, but is necessary for a speedy recovery, and cold will pass quickly.Only water is required to be warm.

Misconception №7.Required bed rest.

rest and gain strength to the sick person, of course, can not hurt.However, to be constantly in bed is not necessary: ​​with prolonged lying sharply reduced ventilation and bronchial tubes, causing additional complications may arise as bronchitis or pneumonia.In addition, the "horizontal" promotes slowing of blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in the amendment may be delayed.