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Harmful if high heel?

heels need to be able to wear.Understandably, no one is born with the ability to have perfect defile on his heels, but still there are some special ladies who Heels feel like slippers.

Shoes bound to be comfortable.

Regardless of the heel height, your leg is obliged to feel comfortable.Keep this in mind buying shoes.Do not believe the convictions seller is obliged to spread the shoes.If during the fitting leg feels shackled in the stocks, it is not necessary to buy such shoes, as it is harmful.Quality shoes does not give discomfort since the first fitting and does not need raznashivanii.

can not wear heels.

Unfortunately, this list is not so short.The heels are not recommended to wear for women in the state.They vary hormones, connective tissue become more elastic, body weight increased, and therefore the center of gravity shifts.And so, if at that time and still wear heels, the trouble with kicking you just provided, not to mention the opportunity to stumble and get injured.

Just do not need to wear heels teenage girls who are in the stage of active growth.Women who suffer from different diseases, such as flat feet or varicose veins, as it will be harmful.The woman, whose time passes all the time "on his feet" waitresses, barbers, sellers.More

heels are not advisable to wear a woman having more than 12 kg overweight.We hasten to remind the rough formula for calculating the ideal weight.Height (cm) minus 100, and multiply on 0,9

heels have always been and will be essential attributes of a modern woman.And if you go to the selection of the heel is true, and do not overload your legs unnecessary wearing heels, it will be your good friend.And wearing shoes with heels you will be only joy.

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