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How to prepare black currants to treat?

How to prepare for the treatment of black currant berries?
Ripe black currant berries harvested in late July - early August.Harvesting should be done in dry weather.On hot days, you need to pick berries in the morning, immediately after the disappearance of dew, or in the evening, when the heat goes down.In rainy weather, the collection of black currant fruit harvesting and long-term storage is best not to carry out, as the moist fruit will rot in the subsequent drying.If the berries after harvest should be transported long, it is better to shift their layers of leaves to prevent caking.

Next to prepare black currant berries for treatment, they need to be dried.For this fruit spread in a thin layer on a flat surface covered with a layer of gauze or a clean cloth.Conduct drying can be in the attic, under the eaves, in the oven or the Russian stove.The best option in the procurement of black currant berries for the treatment is the use of special dryers, which maintains the temperature of the air 50 - 6
0? C.At this stage it must be ensured that the berries of black currant dryness and not burnt.The degree of readiness is determined at the dried fruits compression of them in the hand properly dried fruit crumble when squeezed, and do not stick together in a lump.Rotten or scorched black currant berries discarded.

How to prepare for the treatment of black currant leaves?

blackcurrant leaves harvested in June or July.Thus it is better to try to disrupt the plant leaves only those which are located on the middle part of the branches, and not on the top or bottom.This is to ensure that after harvesting the leaves are not conducted to reduce fruiting blackcurrant.Drying of raw materials is best done outdoors in the shade.

How to store harvested in the treatment of berries and leaves of black currant?
Harvested berries and leaves of black currant should be packaged in a linen bags or cardboard boxes, which are placed for storage in a dry and well-ventilated area.

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